Saturday, April 18, 2009

My first taste of management duty...

...and boy, is it ROTTEN!

A staggering total of 6 key people has left or will be leaving our little department by June of 2009 and I suddenly find myself in the unenviable position of having to manage a unit without having to race another rat for it (a race which I had actually planned on discreetly falling out of!).

How I long for the days of being just another drone in the hive, where we only need to hear and obey. Now it is ME who has got to find ways to make people hear and obey! :P Ugh!

I even had to go so far as to look for, buy and ACTUALLY STUDY A BOOK on getting along with others! And the suggestions and advices given were SO NOT ME but, for the sake of avoiding a mini World War III, very necessary. I'm pretty straightforward by nature, a person who calls a brick a brick and to hell with anyone else who were so myopic that they fail to see it for what it is.

But in this new world I have to live in, we need to seem like we're kissing the boss' ass without actually doing so, while appearing to give in to every dissatisfied demand from the staff when we are,  in reality, maneuvering them to our (hopefully correct) point of view.

In one sense, I'm lucky enough to have a very understanding and supportive Big Boss, who knows I've done my best despite being tied up by events and circumstances.

But it's all so DAMNED TIRING! I need a long rest...

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