Saturday, March 24, 2012

Family trip...

Langkawi, 19th (Sunday) to 22nd (Thursday) March 2012.

No smoking. Fasten seatbelt.

Air Asia- everyone can fly, everyone can cry.

Boutique Cafe (formerly Telaga Cafe serving Arab cuisine), along Jalan Pantai Chenang.

Sawaddee, Thai/Chinese restaurant, along Jalan Pantai Chenang.

The Cabin- ship containers converted into 'motel rooms', along Jalan Pantai Chenang.
If you happen to wonder, this is the perimeter fence, not the cabins :p

Idaman Suri, along Jalan Ayer Hangat. None of the serving wares were Ma's idaman :p

Laksa penarak at D'sa Motel & Restaurant, along Jalan Penarak.
Give the stall nearer the jetty a miss- I think this one's much better.

Kuah town. Prices are down.

All mine! My precious! The other guests were out enjoying themselves this evening so I had it all to myself- sweet!

Kuah jetty has been turned into a posh shopping complex.

The iconic eagle of Dataran Lang.

Mempelam (northern lingo for mango), roadside stall serving rice and assorted dishes.
The curry's wonderful- Ma gave an A!

Amuse myself watching kitten amuse itself pawing highly unamused bug (said bug is that dark lump by its left forepaw).

Warrior woman of P.J. hunting the elusive lady's shoe amidst the concrete jungles of Kuah.
Finally relented and speared a mildly unsatisfactory pair to replace her very recently broken ones at Teow Soon Huat Mega Department Store.

Yummy! Grilled butterfly, anyone?

Double yummy! Camouflaged frog's legs, anyone?

Durian Perangin, waterfall near Kampung Sungai Itau along Jalan Ayer Hangat.

Langkawi hot spring, along Jalan Ayer Hangat.
The only point of interest I could find was the pattern of the roof. Unless you're there for the private jacuzzi, stopping by is just for the sake of saying 'been there'.

Tanjung Rhu- the beach has been snootily divided into a public area and a private area for Tanjung Rhu Resort guests only. How rude!

Part of Tanjung Rhu overlooking the Lafarge Cement Factory, Teluk Ewa.

Tourist, modeling at Tanjung Rhu. Husband is the O.P. I'm the paparazzo :p

Pantai Pasir Hitam, along Jalan Teluk Yu. That black sand is almost as fine as flour and sparkly *kirakira
It seems to be finite, however, so do visit and have a look with your own eyes before it's all eroded by the sea.

Still at the same place as above. Further along, as you can see, the sand is no longer black.

Break time. Watched 2 brothers fooling around as I sipped my cold milk tea.

Temurun, waterfall along Jalan Datai. Visit during season when there's still chance of heavy rain.
Otherwise, the waterfall becomes a 'watertrickle', which is absolutely nothing to ooh and aah about.

For nature lovers, however, the rock formation at Temurun may be sufficient to fascinate.
But it is always better with the waterfall- trust me.

Telaga Tujuh, near Kampung Teluk Burau and Langkawi Cable Car.
Unfortunately, though still rainy, the season was too dry to display its magnificence. No waterfall, only 'watertrickle'.

Telaga Tujuh. Some poetic soul arranged these 2 pieces of flat stones just so. It became quite an interesting photo subject for a while.

Telaga Harbour, towards the end of Jalan Teluk Yu connecting to Jalan Teluk Burau.

Chenang, the beach. Lots of tourists (an almost even mix of local and foreign) and seaside activities.

Chenang, the beach. The lines of man made bicycle tracks contrasts with sand balls, byproduct of a hungry sand bubbler crab.

Chenang, the beach. A family having a splashing fun time by the sea.

Chenang, the beach. A father comforts his children and coaxes them to enjoy the 'scary' waves.

Chenang, the beach. Weather was very fair, thus the rather washed out sunset.

Wednesday night market near Kuah town. Arrived quite late, just past 9.30pm and everyone was starting to pack up to be ready to go by 10.00pm.

Airport Corner, roadside stall serving southern Thai cuisine. You get a view of the ever changing colours of the sculptures placed at the roundabout nearest Langkawi Airport.
Reminded me of the same gimmick used at Masjid Kristal, Kuala Terengganu.

E.T. go home.

Monday, March 19, 2012


"I'm all heart and a mile wide.
But empty inside and hurting all over."

May you be happy Adik :) Love ya so much!

I'll still be here if you need me
or until you tell me to stop

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What kind of song is this???

What obnoxious lyrics!
What a catchy tune!

It's one of those songs that I dislike very much but just can't seem to get out of my head!

Memang tak ada lelaki seperti aku
Tapi yang lebih PERTI baaanyakkk!!!

Damn you, Alif Satar!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My weekend...

All movie posters stolen online, not to be credited to me.
For those who come here for the photos, forgive me. They are way below my usual standard.

This whole weekend's supposed to be a numbing exercise actually- I'm trying to forget and failing miserably...

~9.00am : This little piggy went to the market, returned home, cleared the groceries, cleaned himself up and zoomed off to 1 Utama.

~11.20am : Bought passes to 3 different movies and managed to catch the Iron Lady just as it started.
Loved the way it's presented- as the reminiscence of a once great lady still trying to cope with her beloved husband's death while sliding not quite gracefully into old age.

~1.10pm : Filled up on gas and other necessities.

~2.10pm : Readied myself to watch Bunohan. For those who expect it to be a typical Malay movie, please go very far far away... and shush! Don't give me no lip either.
This movie is details, details, details all the way! Layer upon layer, nuance upon nuance. Stay alert for this movie or you'll have wasted time and money!

~3.55pm : Bunohan ended later than expected because of the unexpectedly lengthy pre-show ads and trailers (for a local production).
I missed 5 minutes of Seefood but it's okay- you don't need Einstein to explain this to you. In fact, turn your brain off and simply enjoy the ride (which was quite a relief after the previous mental exercise).

~5.30pm : There was something going on at the Oval, there were cosplayers loose everywhere!
Apparently, Animax was hosting an event this weekend.

I have a strong feeling that this girl's a guy but I daren't peek under that short skirt to verify it :p

This ghost character from Miyazaki Hayao's movie, Spirited Away, is simple but awesome! I'm curious as to how the cosplayer is seeing the world from underneath that get up...

Wanted to take more photos of him but was too damn self conscious. He's got a rocking great body and darling, he really ain't shy about it- not at all!
This character's called Ace from the manga One Piece.

This guy's characterisation of Hitsugaya Toushiro from the manga Bleach is really spot on! His moves, looks and size is really perfect for it!
I wish I was in the mood. All that photo opportunity and I was just snapping away without a single thought.

~6.00pm : Tummy reminded me that it's hungry. Grabbed an RM7 cup of Cioccolato gelato to assuage the pangs.

~6.15pm : Passed by Speedy video. Went in and bought some anime DVDs. All that promotion must have rubbed off.

~8.00pm : Chowed down some chicken bolognese topped fries- McD fries, you're still officially top of the pack :p
And that craving for Chinese fried oysters? Don't have it any more... because I went and got some! Hah!

~10.00pm : Ah... What the heck! Decided to go see Captain Carter.

~12.30am : E.T. go home

~9.30am : Went to listen to some lessons cum briefing until around 11.00am.

~12.00pm : Hopped over to 9th Residential College UM for Jeff's wedding.
Found out that Boss d'Reyanz's kid is sick so the O.P. had to cover for Boss. The videographers at Jeff's now also needed to cover the photo shoot.

Was initially going to 1 Utama for the Animax event after lunch but decided to help out.
Totally unprepared for it, working a dimly lit hall without a flash so I hope there'd be some usable pictures in this whole bunch I'll be passing to Boss.

~4.30pm : This little piggy went home, still remembering, still heart-sick...

Allah, give me the strength, aamiin...

Monday, March 05, 2012

Wish you were here...

This is my favourite version. Enjoy! ;)


I really do wish you were here...

...each and every one of you.
No matter how much I've hurt

Of course the ones you love the most
tend to be the ones to hurt you the most

I've learned that it's not because they don't care
it's because we expect so much more from our loved ones
and quite often forget that...

aitsu-tachi ga tada ningen da
...they're only human.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Jalan-jalan Ampang

Ini cerita hujung minggu lepas sebenarnya...

Selepas mengisi perut di jemputan kenduri kahwin seorang kenalan, aku mengajak Wan ke Balai Seni Visual Negara untuk melihat pameran Japan, Kingdom of Characters.

Gundam at gunpoint (it's a rifle actually). Aku excited giler sebab memang aku minat menda-menda camni.

HeLloOOoo, Kitty! Tapi aku disappointed dengan ketandusan (idea? kreativiti? impak?) bahan di pameran tersebut.

Ayanami Rei, EVA 00 pilot. In fact, aku amat disappointed dengan keseluruhan pameran yang ada.

Pika pika.. Pikachu! Aku pasti Malaysia ada ramai penggiat seni visual ni. Tapi melihatkan keadaan balai yang agak bare dan betapa sedikitnya permanent exhibit, you'd almost think that we hardly have any...

Oh, aku juga telah bertemujanji untuk berjumpa dengan Pak Alang di situ. Lama juga tidak bersua. FYI dia tiada hubungan darah dengan aku, sekadar pakcik angkat (abaikan, lawak dalaman hanya kami kami yang mengerti... kot?).

Ini lukisan Encik Md Salleh bin Dawam, seorang pelukis terkenal di kalangan penggiat seni visual. Aktiviti beliau kebanyakannya berpusat di Langkawi yang mana di situlah aku mula mengenali karya beliau daripada anaknya, Wah.

Pak Alang berhajat membawa kami menikmati pemandangan indah di Lookout Point. Malangnya kawasan tersebut telah ditutup, kemungkinan besar sekitar musim perayaan Tahun Baru Cina yang lepas. Ada sesiapa tahu mengapa?

Akhirnya, lepak sat rumah Pak Alang, pas tu keluar makan dan seterusnya bergerak pulang.

Terima kasih banyak-banyak, Wan dan Pak Alang yang sudi melayan aku yang dalam keadaan out sikit!



seluar sendat dan penuh
lipatan lemak perut menebal
berat nak habiskan renang full set
mengah naik tangga stesen LRT Masjid Jamek

Aku dah kembali montel rupanya...

Bahana kesedihan yang melanda la ni :'(