Saturday, April 28, 2012

Runway- a different challenge

There was a fashion showcase going on at 1 Utama last week so I hung around to get a feel of things.

Though I'm not into fashion shoots, photographing models on the catwalk provided a different kind of experience and challenge.

Other than the photos I've seen in papers and magazines, I have no idea what I'm doing. So I concentrated on capturing images where the model and all that stuff they're hawking look good.

But I think my composition really went out the door for this shoot.

The runway.

I got the model's leg cut off in most of the pictures and I think that may be a no-no since we're supposed to capture the whole image that they are representing.

Oh, I loved this moment! The kid model panicked as soon as he hit the runway with all the glaring lights and loud music.
Luckily big brother model handled him well and managed to coax him to come along and pose.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swimming pool trivia...

I can always tell if the pool has been given an extra dose of chlorine that day.

My silver rings turn blackish
Pool water reacts with the ring to create a coat of silver chloride, which darkens as light breaks it down into elemental chlorine and metallic silver.
A good brushing with Colgate takes care of this matter.

My hair turns really stiff and coarse
Showering before entering the pool usually helps to lessen the drying effect.
While a good shampoo should help clean the hair.
However, there are many other tips that will help as well.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Path not taken...

That icy cool feel in my mouth is usually the sign of a successful Working.

Though I've stepped off the path, it is impossible to not know what you already know to be true.
So I still practise the Basics everyday if possible.

Breathing and Cleansing is the staple. Occasionally, Healing.

What I use most often now is Shielding, because I believe prevention is always better than cure.
However, it is most likely at the level of intent only. Possibly sight level, if done well enough (there's no way to verify with my current skills).

Never at a physical level though, because my Faith and Devotion to Allah is not that strong.

At times, I do envy the Teachers, whose knowledge expands daily with use.
But it is a heavy responsibility as well so I'm mostly grateful that I did not choose to fully walk the path and also grateful that the path did not choose me.

*sigh~ the only one able to understand these rantings would be Cik Easy, but he stopped visiting a long time ago :p

Whatever... I just needed to vent.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Tentulah aku sedar bahawa dia punya kehidupannya sendiri.
But it still hurts every time I'm reminded of it...

Antara ayat dalam text dia yang buat hati aku macam diramas kejam

"Blind date.."

"g tgk wyg dgn mmber"

Antara perkara yang buat aku sangat-sangat kecil hati

Keluar lepak dengan aku berkira masa, daripada perancangan asal lepak sehari boleh disingkatkan sampai jadi beberapa jam sahaja

Rajin layan text member ketika bersama aku, kalau bersama member sampai tak layan text aku

Tapi semua kekecewaan aku tu tak dapat aku zahirkan sebab aku rasa aku bukan apa-apa bagi dia. Kalau aku cakap pun akan buat dia annoyed kat aku lalu terus diamkan diri.

Kenapa dia masih layan aku?

Apa yang dia nak daripada aku ni? Pengetahuan yang aku ada untuk membantu obsesinya dalam menjaga penampilan diri?

Entahlah P, adakalanya kau buat aku rasa teramat keliru.
Tapi aku akui bahawa kau jugalah yang mampu buat aku gembira...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Masa untuk bertukar... (18SX)

Kalau aku sebut 'spendar berbunga', agak-agaknya korang paham dak?

Sekadar gambar kiasan- if I showed an actual photo, I'm afraid you may go blind! :p

Begini kisahnya. Sehelai seluar dalam, lama kelamaan akan longgar getahnya. Maka ia tidak akan lagi rapat mendakap pinggul, menjadi 'pegang segan, lepas tak mahu' gitu...
Ia akan 'berbunga' seperti dalam gambar di atas.

Apabila ini terjadi, maknanya sudah tibanya masa anda bertukar 'spendar'. Tapi part ni la yang paling aku leceh sekali kerana:

Alasan 1
'Spendar' yang mencapai tahap itulah yang paling selesa pakai, tidak mengganggu sensitiviti aku dan tidak juga mengekang kebebasannya

Alasan 2
Berbeza dengan pakaian luaran, kita tak dibenarkan try underwear untuk memastikan ia sesuai atas sebab-sebab hygiene.

Masalahnya, pinggang aku ni 33", saiz perantara- masih dikira medium tapi dah nak masuk large. Kalau beli silap potongan memang sesak le jadinya! Tapi kena pakai gak sebab tak boleh tukar :(

Alasan 3
Sukar mendapati potongan yang sesuai yang aku suka. Kurang berkenan dengan fesyen 'spendar' terkini, sampaikan aku sering tertanya,

"Ini swimming trunk ke 'spendar'?"

Walaubagaimanapun, nak tak nak, dah tiba masanya untuk aku bertukar.
Lebih-lebih lagi hampir semua batch 'spendar' aku yang ada ni dibeli pada waktu yang hampir sama sekitar 2.5 tahun yang lepas...

Haish! Dilema sungguh! Tapi kena cari sebab nak kena pakai gak. Walaupun aku ni ciput aje, I'm unfortunately still susceptible to fabric friction burns :p


Thursday, April 12, 2012

In-law material?


You gotta be kidding!

You have no idea 'what' you're bringing into your family! Huhu!
However, two different individuals had recently asked me about it.

It was kind of amusing since I was more interested in the ones doing the asking than in their sibling.

It was also flattering in a way and at the same time, disheartening. Why?

Because someone is telling you that
'It'd be cool to have you in my family, but you're not cool enough to be that special one for me'

Understand what I mean?
Ahaks! Of course in my situation, it's more complicated than that :P

I'm cool with that, it's probably for the best...

Sunday, April 08, 2012

The best present...

For silly, sentimental, old me

it is being able to spend time
with the people I love

Dinner with Ma and Pa the evening before

This afternoon, watching Wrath of the Titans with one I've truly loved
for the past year until now
and it doesn't even matter
if that love is not reciprocated the way I wish it to be

I wonder who'd be next to step in line to give me another great present? Haha!

And how about you then?
What'd be the best present for you?

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Never too old to learn...

This old dawg spent his weekend trying to learn new tricks :P

Next station, Raja Chulan- you can see the conference venue just across the road from the monorail station platform.

It's a circus all right! Every early morning, during breaks and at the end of each conference day.
We may call it 'networking' but it's uncannily similar to animals congregating at a watering hole :P

After presentations or panel discussions by experts in their respective fields, questions as well as opinions were actively voiced out.
It was a surprisingly lively conference. Very refreshing!

Well, look who I found emceeing the conference- Sue!!! Here you find her desperately trying to catch a man's attention.
It's not what you think, that placard she's holdings says '5 minutes!': the speaker has gone past his allocated time.

I've been to this hotel a couple of years ago and was glad to find that their food quality quite well maintained, ranging from 'this is good' to 'Wow!'.

All in all, though some of the principles went right past my uncomprehending mind, it was a great learning experience!
Allah willing, I look forward to the next gathering in 2014 (especially if they choose this hotel as venue again, haha...).


Aside 1

P returned into my life and stepped right back into my heart (who am I kidding? as if P ever left!)
I realize though that I'm still seen as just a 'brother'.
Lord, how the heck do I learn to stop missing a person the second time around?


Aside 2

Tengah layan lagu Korea, Blue by BigBang. Ulang, ulang, ulang, lagi dan lagi...
Tahniah! Lagu Korea kedua yang berjaya menarik perhatian aku sehingga ke peringkat memuat turun dan menyertai playlist selepas Winter Sonata...