Thursday, April 12, 2012

In-law material?


You gotta be kidding!

You have no idea 'what' you're bringing into your family! Huhu!
However, two different individuals had recently asked me about it.

It was kind of amusing since I was more interested in the ones doing the asking than in their sibling.

It was also flattering in a way and at the same time, disheartening. Why?

Because someone is telling you that
'It'd be cool to have you in my family, but you're not cool enough to be that special one for me'

Understand what I mean?
Ahaks! Of course in my situation, it's more complicated than that :P

I'm cool with that, it's probably for the best...


Snuze said...

Yeah. Like my mum asking me why we never went beyond friendship. Heh.

I told her it's because you never saw me as anything more than a friend. So she stopped asking.


Would your mum be warmer to me now if I were to ring your house phone? XD

NUke_Rude said...

hoooo ho ho ho..

(kenduri nanti, jgn lupa jemput ya!)

:P kidding bro!

Joey said...

it's a complicated situation.

you want that person around, but you dont want to be attached to the person. next thing when the person was attached, baru rasa something missing. lol

Ri said...

sue- as a figure of speech, mom would warm up to any walking vagina of marriagable age if it meant me getting hitched some time soon :P

nuke- haha! tp ri rasa, nuke yg akan kawin dulu

joey- oi! hidup pun dia! tima kasih kerana sudi mencemar duli ;)
hrp joey baik2 aje ye