Friday, May 24, 2013


I never really paid attention to this song until today
when I listened to this totally awesome cover by Max Schneider and Kurt Schneider (no relation).

Thanks, guys, for lending me such beautiful musical and vocal arrangement with a smashing video to boot for expressing what my own inadequate singing skills and sound pipe could not.

I know that the fact that I put this up will disappoint that person
but I need it. This is my closure.

I do hope you'll be able to hear it one day...

Precious memories...

Always Langkawi where my memories stay

No words can express what I need to say

Only these photos to show you the way

Made precious by your presence this month of May

Akan ku kumpul kenangan sebagai kekuatan untuk menghadapi masa hadapan

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peringatan bagi diriku yang alpa

Hasrat aku untuk mencatatkan perkara ini dah tertangguh selama seminggu sebenarnya.

Pasti ada hikmahnya yang hanya Allah sahaja yang lebih tahu.

Aku telah dilanggar kereta pada hari Ahad minggu sebelumnya. Hanya sebilangan kecil yang aku maklumkan. Pada Mak Pak pun aku diamkan.

Mujur Allah qadakan aku selamat. Hardly a scratch on me. Cuma kaki kanan mungkin tergeliat sikit dan semakin terasa dari hari ke hari. Sakit itulah yang mengingatkan aku untuk menulis catatan ni.

Motorsikal aku la yang paling kesian dan teruk keadaannya. Kering gak dompet untuk pulihkan sebaik mungkin.

Apa-apa pun, tujuan aku nukilkan benda ni untuk ingatkan diri aku.
Kebelakangan ni banyak sangat aku tuang kerja. Juga banyak sangat cari... sesuatu.

Mesti cukup menimbun dosa aku serta kurang berkat gaji aku, maka Allah tunjukkan sedemikian rupa dan dengan pelbagai cara lagi.
Banyak sungguh duit aku lesap begitu aje bulan ni.

Moga aku dipinjamkan kekuatan untuk memenuhi seluruh amanahku walaupun dilanda apa jua dugaan yang mengocak ketenanganku...

P.S. Nah! Entry moto power yang ko nak, Wan ooii... Haha!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Voting Day!

This is my second time and my voting station is 'just across the road' from my housing area. Sweet!
There were a few surprises for me this time around.

The first was seeing my parents there. Because Ma was all fired up to go to a wedding prior to voting so I really didn't expect to bump into them at all.
But here they were doing the opposite of what was planned.
My mother is a veritable master of last minute changes and fails to understand why Pa and I get upset over it every time :p

The second surprise was the long line, which was very different to my previous voting experience.
We were assigned channels by age group and apparently, our group decided to turn out in force this session.

The third surprise was seeing a known celebrity ahead of me in the line. It seems that he's 'a native' since he is extremely buddy buddy with my neighbourhood guys.
He was hamming it up to this RTM camera man as well so it could be a promotional thing.
I pray I would look that good (or better!) when I'm his age!

The final surprise was seeing a friend there working as an SPR official.
Well, I knew he was capable of such undertakings but I do so admire people who are willing to sacrifice a bit of their time to do voluntary public work.

At this moment, my Whatsapp's going crazy with minute to minute updates by groups of concerned friends.
Whatever may be, we have done our duty. May the ballots be tallied fairly so let us all pray for the best!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Nyeahhh... Whatsapp, doc?

I've just discovered that Whatsapp can only display up to a limited amount of old messages before it crashes!  :o

For *ahem cough cough... a sentimental old fool like me, that's a disaster! :'(

I'm the type who keeps all the text messages I've received.
I only discard those I consider irrelevant, or useless, or hurtful, or too sensitive too keep.

A friend got me to download Whatsapp after we got into a discussion about how expensive texting can be, especially since most of my circle are using a different telco (because M**** is truly such an expensive b**** to keep :p) and very few of them have iPhones.

But this, no longer having access to all the older text messages- those sweet memories, may turn out to be more costly to me than money.

Or it may continue to be a necessary evil in my life, like Facebook (damn, I do wish I have the guts to delete that account!).
I guess, I'll just have to wait and see...