Friday, November 18, 2011


This evening, I saw a kid practicing his bunga silat in the pool.

It wasn't perfect, the water was hindering his movements.


the dark night
the lit pool
the graceful moves

all combined into a scene so beautiful
unmatched by any photos I am able to take at present.


Monday, November 14, 2011


Overheard, a red indian lamenting to his paleface buddy:

Full moon come
Me no come
Baby come
How come?

My parents were laughing their heads of at this while I went 'huh?'.

Seriously, can someone explain this joke to me?

P.S. Credit to Pak Lang and wife for the cute baby ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011 Writing Contest [2]

"Lecturer-Student Relationship, Anything Wrong?"

During my 3rd year as a student, I happened to see a familiar man and young lady walking companionably together at a shopping complex.

It was some time before they noticed me, at which point, the man proceeded to walk up to me way too nonchalantly, a frozen smile on his face.

Heyyy… Encik R! What are you doing here?” I greeted.

Oh, just window shopping… And coincidentally, I met H, who was on her own. So I offered to accompany her. And then bla bla bla…

Yeaaahhh… Right! :P

I am pleased to report though, that my lecturer, Encik R, and coursemate, H, were happily married post graduation.

So when asked, “Is there anything wrong with a lecturer-student relationship?

I have no clear answer.

The thing is, this is one of those situations that can turn out perfectly right or go horribly wrong.

In my opinion, if you stick to these few ground rules, things should be fine:

1.Mind the ring!

Sirs/Madams, if you are already married, please keep your hands off the students. Let the singles have their chance, okay?

2.No strings attached!

Conflict of interests between lecturer and student is a no-no, especially in terms of academics! Otherwise, how would a lecturer know if the kid is really into him/her or simply desperate for an A?

3.Is that your Dad/Mom?

Too huge an age gap could lead to problems. It could be maturity issues; it could be needs and fulfillment issues.

However, there will always be exceptions. As the lyric of one of my favourite song cites,

“Percintaan bukanlah kemahuan fikiran”

You can’t help whom you love. But when things go bad, love is knowing what may be best for your loved one and finding the strength to let go.


Dear Snuze, I'm tagging you! Do give it a go, thanks! ;)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Do you see the forest for the trees?

Can you even see the big picture?

A hoodie is more than a hood-

It's a hood
with a D

You can even look good with a car hood over your head...

...IF you ever really knew how to work it

Let's see you puzzle that out for a while!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Salam 'EidulAdha

Aku kembali ke arena gotong-royong korban setelah 2 tahun menghilangkan diri atas sebab tugas.

Teringin sangat hendak merakamkan acara tersebut akan tetapi sebagaimana lazim saban tahun, ibubapaku akan menyertai.

Dan disebabkan faktor usia, mereka akan meminjamkan pekerja separuh masa mereka (iaitu aku) untuk membantu menguruskan korban tersebut.

Walaupun aku sanggup membawa kamera kesayanganku mengharungi terik mentari atau hujan monsoon mahupun bayu laut masin yang mengaratkan, aku tidak sekali-kali sanggup ia berpalit darah, najis dan pelbagai cecair organ dalaman.
Maka terpaksalah aku kuburkan cita-cita untuk menjadi jurukamera di 'EidulAdha :P

Dan aku dapati suasana tahun ini agak meriah:

1. Lembu disembelih liat nak mati- siap boleh bangun jalan-jalan lagi
2. Adegan mengejar dan kena kejar lembu yang terlepas
3. Gelagat budak-budak kecil yang hendak turut sama memerhati tetapi takut-takut geli

AlhamduliLlah, selain lama menunggu lembu untuk tumbang (lembu dalam peristiwa 1 itulah lembu group aku), segalanya berjalan dengan lancar.

Mujur esok cuti. Moga sempatlah juga aku selesaikan segala kerja yang terhutang insyaAllah.

Sorry, this number is currently not available...

My phone's been playing Chipsmore cookie with me recently.

'My M****' was assuringly and deceivingly displayed on screen.

So it wasn't until half past last midnight, when 3 text messages came in one after another, that I realized that I had been incommunicado for a bit more than 24 hours!

This is because one of the messages received was actually a reply to a text I sent around 10.30 the evening before.
While another was the line provider letting me know that I missed a call at around 8.00pm when in fact I received absolutely no calls all day long.

I'm not sure if it's the line or the equipment because both have recently showed signs of problem.

If it's the line, then tough luck for me. Because I have been using this same number since I got my first mobile phone back in the year 2000 and I have gotten very attached to it.

If it's the equipment though, should I be threatening it with the impending purchase of a new one? Hmm...