Friday, November 11, 2011 Writing Contest [2]

"Lecturer-Student Relationship, Anything Wrong?"

During my 3rd year as a student, I happened to see a familiar man and young lady walking companionably together at a shopping complex.

It was some time before they noticed me, at which point, the man proceeded to walk up to me way too nonchalantly, a frozen smile on his face.

Heyyy… Encik R! What are you doing here?” I greeted.

Oh, just window shopping… And coincidentally, I met H, who was on her own. So I offered to accompany her. And then bla bla bla…

Yeaaahhh… Right! :P

I am pleased to report though, that my lecturer, Encik R, and coursemate, H, were happily married post graduation.

So when asked, “Is there anything wrong with a lecturer-student relationship?

I have no clear answer.

The thing is, this is one of those situations that can turn out perfectly right or go horribly wrong.

In my opinion, if you stick to these few ground rules, things should be fine:

1.Mind the ring!

Sirs/Madams, if you are already married, please keep your hands off the students. Let the singles have their chance, okay?

2.No strings attached!

Conflict of interests between lecturer and student is a no-no, especially in terms of academics! Otherwise, how would a lecturer know if the kid is really into him/her or simply desperate for an A?

3.Is that your Dad/Mom?

Too huge an age gap could lead to problems. It could be maturity issues; it could be needs and fulfillment issues.

However, there will always be exceptions. As the lyric of one of my favourite song cites,

“Percintaan bukanlah kemahuan fikiran”

You can’t help whom you love. But when things go bad, love is knowing what may be best for your loved one and finding the strength to let go.


Dear Snuze, I'm tagging you! Do give it a go, thanks! ;)


naz said...

Hey, this is just a personal experience. For me it is a bit unethical especially if the relationship is made public.

Because I have seen how ugly it turn when a lecturer abuse his / her power in the name of love.

Snuze said...

Oh God. It's the Indonesian guy, right? Yeah, I remember hearing about that, though I don't know who is H. :p

Thanks for tagging me, when I have idea, I'll write something. :D

Ri said...

naz- yup. when things go bad, it really goes downhill all the way.

snuze- lordy, even u have heard about it?

Snuze said...

Yup. Even blur ole me heard of it. :-|

fRaMe+LenSeS said...

Nadh datang melawat peserta contest mr.Eq. tahniah.. Suka cara kamu menyampaikan pendapat.

moga berjaya. ;)