Sunday, June 30, 2013

Floria 2013

Saturday, 22nd June 2013. Theme: Orchids.

Is it me or are the display areas getting smaller?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Q & A

Question and Answer

Q is a question without an answer.

While A can never be the answer.

Dan aku memang penakut
Mengakui cinta kepadamu
Seribu kali kucuba ucapkan
Bila bersamamu
Kau bukan milikku
Dan engkau pun tahu
Kau bukan milikku

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big Screen Breakdown: Man of Steel

It was Friday night and I was expecting to go away disappointed, but seat A03 of Cinema 8 seemed to have been expecting me...

No credits for the photo this time, I snapped that off an actual poster- absolutely LOVE the expression and pose on this one!

First off, just watch the 2D movie. Unless you're really desperate (like me on that Friday night :p), spending an extra RM5 is a waste- there's not enough going on to give you that 3D experience.

And secondly, for those of you who are simply into slam bang action and over the top effects, please reconsider watching this. You may find yourselves getting bored out of your mind.

What I really love about this remake is the story behind the story, a sense of history to the whole alien baby trying to fit in affair.

There is emotional depth and drama to this movie. The use of big names, most notably Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, as supporting actors was maximised to the fullest.

I seriously did not expect to get all misty eyed at a Superman movie but the first scene of the movie itself somehow already got to me, as did the broom closet scene, as did the tornado scene etc...

And Superman went about his feats of strength with effort, which allowed us to empathise in his struggles. The wobbly steps and unsureness of a man used to peaceful means yet having to resort to violence in order to protect what has become precious to him.

Wow! Writing this made me realise just how much this movie had emotionally affected me!

This is a very biased review, people! Go find one that's more objective for the sake of your viewing pleasure! Haha! You've been warned!

Harus terpisah...

Ku berlari kau terdiam
Ku menangis kau tersenyum
Ku berduka kau bahagia
Ku pergi kau kembali

Ku coba meraih mimpi
Kau coba 'tuk hentikan mimpi
Memang kita takkan menyatu

Ini harusnya kita coba saling melupakan
Lupakan kita pernah bersama

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The path of life...

A favourite saying from one of my favourite manga states

"There is no guzen (roughly translated as coincidence) only hitsuzen (roughly translated as fate)"

The actual meaning of guzen and hitsuzen is deeper than that though. If interested, you may read about it here.

For the past month, I've been enjoying dinner on and off at a certain eatery, so much so that I managed to get acquainted with some members of the staff.

One was a Chin, a Myanmar national with a UN refugee status. Language was a huge barrier though he spoke passable English but we somehow managed to get acquainted.

Recently, I found that he was no longer working at the eatery. I refrained from asking since I knew he was not close to the others and accepted that he was gone.

That very evening, I discovered that my rain gear has been stolen from my parked motorbike despite the usual precautions.

And what, you may ask, does the stolen rain gear have to do with my Burmese friend?

As you all know, it has been raining unpredictably these past month, so my first priority after getting off work today was to head for my regular workshop and buy a replacement.

And guess who I met at the workshop? My Burmese friend, who has been in training at the workshop for the past week.
It seems that he could not cut it in the service industry and decided to do something else.

There is always hikmah, a sort of benefit yet to be made known, in whatever occurs in our life.
I usually take it all in stride but let me tell you honestly that this latest occurrence has got me wondering really hard what it could mean...

The Unexpected Purchase...

...or 'How I Got My New Shoes' :p

When I first got acquainted with one office mate a year and a half ago, one thing I recalled was that he was looking for this certain brand of shoes, which I knew to be expensive.

It remained just a wish then since the nearest store at the time was in Singapore!

About one and a half months ago, he cajoled me into accompanying him out to lunch at a nearby mall. When he immediately headed for the posher side of the mall, I realized he was up to something.

And sure enough, the shoes he was looking for is now available at its first Malaysian outlet in this very mall.

To cut a story short, my fickle office mate failed to find a pair that he was satisfied with.

While my attention was caught by a pair-

With a simple design that is to my taste;

Also considering the fact that my current two pairs of office shoes are slowly but surely disintegrating;

In addition, they cost less than RM300 (because they were manufactured in China as compared to being manufactured in England like most of the other shoes there);

So I snapped up the shoes and have been grateful for it ever since. They really are great shoes!

"Ah! Aku yang cari, ko pulak yang beli!", sighed the office mate.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Big Screen Breakdown: KIL

In my opinion, definitely one of the better Malay(sian) movies on offer this year.

Image by courtesy of KIL | Facebook

Plot/ Storyline
As an avid reader, I was able to sort of hazard where the story was headed. Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The pacing may be a tad slow for some (possibly deliberate?) but I found it complements the story very well and gives the audience time to take the whole atmosphere in.

Image by courtesy of KIL | Facebook

Characterisation/ Acting
Superb. Very accomplished acting.
It feels natural, like these people are in the midst of an actual conversation and someone with a camcorder happened to be on the scene to capture events as they occur.

I have always loved Redza Minhat's acting so I may be somewhat biased here, but surely most of the audience could see how well the actors complement and contrast each other, even down to the minor character of Pak Samad who lazes his day away at the L.A.B. Office.

Image by courtesy of BeautifulNara

Cinematography/ Setting
Lovely. Just lovely. Look at the screen captures above and below. I wish I had been the one to frame these shots.

As it unfolds, every scene sets the right mood for each part of the story.

Image by courtesy of BeautifulNara

Audio/ Music
The conversational tone and volume is downright intimate, as if we were sitting there eavesdropping most unabashedly.

The song selection is of the independent music variety. Very honest, soulful and easy on the ears.

Personal Review
I couldn't believe how acutely painful it was for me to watch this movie. Akil honestly represented what 16-17 year old me was like.

I still have my parents of course but they had their own issues to deal with back then, which left me virtually 'on my own'. I completely empathised with Akil and understood his need to get rid of the pain by any means possible.

AlhamduliLlah there has always been a Zara to keep me in line. Some Zaras are still around, supporting and accompanying me through life.

Thank you for the kindness you have all shown me, which has kept me living to this day until the fated end of my life insyaAllah...

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Waiting to watch Kil at 10.30pm on a work night.

Gigih bukan? :p

Precious memories... 2

The last I felt such happiness was around the years 2005-2006.

AlhamduliLlah, l was able to experience it once more when I was entrusted to accompany a group of awesome individuals to their best friend's wedding in a far off state.

The ceremony took place last weekend. Everything went smoothly that we even managed to find the time to enjoy some sightseeing.

But it went by so fast though and here I find myself reminiscing about it for the strength to put one foot ahead of the other for one more day in life...

If any of you happen to read this and know that it is you I am referring to, please accept my boundless gratitude for including me on this trip.
I hope that my amateurish attempts at capturing your precious memories will at least partly repay your generosity towards me...

Allah, thank you so very much for this moment of my life.
Please include them among those you look upon with favour.
Please bestow upon them constant health, peace and happiness throughout their life until the hereafter...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Mei 26 (petang): Morib

Berkejar ke Sepang
memenuhi jemputan kenduri kahwin seorang kenalan yang telah lama berjauhan

Mujur keluarga mempelai masih sudi menjamu tetamu setibanya kami lewat 'Asar itu

Tahniah, Yad!
Moga kekal jodoh bersama
dalam sihat, selamat dan sejahtera sentiasa
dunia akhirat

Mei 26 (pagi): Tabur

Terus menyibukkan diri

Selamat berkenalan, wahai Bukit Tabur

Sungguh tak sangka pada umurku yang sebegini
dengan gaya hidup yang kurang aktif ini
masih mampu mendaki setinggi itu
walaupun sekadar separuh jalan

Setelah selamat turun
kudapati semua yang ada padaku basah lencun
daripada pakaian kepada pouchbag
hinggakan kepada backpack yang kusandang

Basah semuanya!

Mei 25: Chongkak

Usaha menyibukkan diri

Terima pelawaan Wan ke Sungai Chongkak

Singgah mengalas perut dalam perjalanan
sebelum ke Alamanda untuk menonton Epic