Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cerita Pendek

Gambo hiasan sajork...

Sekali lagi dia menemui sekeping hati yang mampu untuk memenuhi jiwa kosongnya. Malangnya sekali lagi dia dapati bahawa hati itu telah dimiliki.

Sebagaimana yang terdahulu, hati yang ditemui itu telah lama berjauhan dari hati yang memilikinya. Namun mereka masih tetap bersama mempertahankan saki baki kasih sayang yang ada.

Sekali lagi dia memutuskan untuk menunggu. Menunggu dan terus menunggu. Sampai bila? Dia sendiripun tidak tahu.

Mungkin sehingga dia menemui sekeping lagi hati yang mampu memenuhi jiwa kosongnya yang juga berkemungkinan telah dimiliki.

Dia sedar inilah bahagian yang dia terima dari yang Esa. Mungkin kerana mencari jauh dari redhaNya. Namun hamba ini pasti yang Rabbnya paling mengenali dirinya.

Oleh itu dia redha dan terus sabar mencari dengan harapan yang dalam pencariannya, redhaNya itu akan ditemui kembali...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend meeting...

Years back, Pa, being a founding member of this co-op (membership number in the 20's), felt obliged to rope me in for investment's sake.

It was thus that year after year, we faithfully attend its AGM. It could get a little tedious at times, therefore I found 'ways' (ahem...) to amuse myself :P

Pa (in white kopiah) chatting with one of his cronies.

This year's AGM was officiated by such a big-shot that it deserved coverage by the news people.

The Yang di-Pertua looking on indulgently as a co-op member expounds on the virtues of 'inviting' the DYMM Sultan of Selangor to officiate future AGMs.

Though I applaud his patriotism, in my head, I was screaming- "Are you INSANE??? Setting up the protocols alone may put the co-op's account in the red!!!"

Aahhh... proof that the Snuze (foreground left), no matter how enmeshed she seems within the world-wide web, DOES have a life!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Screen Breakdown: the A-Team

If you were a kid brought up on a staple of 80's TV series then this movie IS FOR YOU!

And, yes again- I am THAT OLD!!! :P

What's not to love? The story stayed quite true to the original series and was nicely executed.

The characters also seem more 3 dimensional in the movie-

Hannibal: more charismatic and calculative
Face: more charming and sexier than I could possibly imagine (ahem :P)
B.A: perfectly balanced bad-ass tough guy/sweet gentleman
Murdock: simply crazy!

But then I am biased. To those who grew up watching the A-Team though, I think you'd find this movie highly entertaining ;)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010



Lagi lagi penstrukturan semula!

For a guy who's quite averse to change, lots of changes are coming my way within a (really, really) short period of time.

Yosh! Yatte miru!

Monday, June 07, 2010