Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Screen Breakdown: the A-Team

If you were a kid brought up on a staple of 80's TV series then this movie IS FOR YOU!

And, yes again- I am THAT OLD!!! :P

What's not to love? The story stayed quite true to the original series and was nicely executed.

The characters also seem more 3 dimensional in the movie-

Hannibal: more charismatic and calculative
Face: more charming and sexier than I could possibly imagine (ahem :P)
B.A: perfectly balanced bad-ass tough guy/sweet gentleman
Murdock: simply crazy!

But then I am biased. To those who grew up watching the A-Team though, I think you'd find this movie highly entertaining ;)

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Snuze said...

Good Hannibal, eh? I did see GI Joe and thought that it was a wonderful adaptation of the animated series. I was a little hesitant when it comes to live action shows; witness the short-lived (thank God) debacles that were remakes of Knight Rider and Bionic Woman.

I suppose a 90 minute movie would be more than enough to encompass the fun and action aspect of A Team that we knew and love. Perhaps I will look it up.