Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bang head in case of telephone line failure...

No pictures to help you along here, dear readers. You honestly have to *gasp- READ!

So what do you do when your telephone landline suddenly go dead?

Why, call TM to fix it, of course! All you need to do is dial 100.. oh wait, this number is only accessible from a landline. Bang head #1

Alternatively, dial 1-300-888-123 from your mobile phone (chargeable, of course). Bang head #2

Now, if you (like yours truly) have the unfortunate luck of having a combination telephone-Streamyx access on one line, after the initial verification process, the first thing they'd ask you to do is connect your computer or telephone directly to the source line.

Huh? Why the heck are we doing the checking when checking lines should be a service they provide? Bang head #3

We're paying for their services and we have to check our own line. The reason? They need US to verify if our 'splitter' is faulty. What the $@*&% is a 'splitter'??? Bang head #4

They would nicely tell you to check the source line and examine something that is the approximate size and shape of a matchbox. It could be white, beige or black in colour, they added helpfully.

So there I went, following the line from my house phone, hunting for the source line. Ah, found it! I think.. because it ends behind a square off-white plastic cover attached to the wall with screws.

Oh miss, could you hold on while I get myself a $@*&% screw driver? Bang head #5

Once the cover comes off, conversation resumes. Where the $@*&% is the matchbox thing???
All I see is a hole in the wall with a line snaking down from the roof (probably). Said line is linked to two other lines (one leading to the house phone, the other, towards the computer in my room) attached to each other by a piece of wire. Bang head #6

After more helpful hints and even more scrambling around the house, all I've managed to learn is that matchbox thing with a LED in the middle is called a socket, NOT the all elusive 'splitter' (which, if proven faulty by the way, you're supposed to replace yourself by going to an electronic shop, buy a new one and then *gasp- installing it yourself!). Bang head #7

Ah, stop sniggering all you handyman types out there >:(
Everyone's born with talents and weaknesses. Handiness is NOT one of my talents, so sue me!!! XP

I almost literally had to beg for the operator to just send someone, anyone, to fix this! I even offered to pay the person coming in RM200 just to show me where the 'splitter' is and verify if it's okay or not. Bang head #8

They finally relented. At the point where I'm eligible to go to the Trauma & Emergency Unit.

But in the end (the day after the report was logged), the actual cause was that there was maintenance work being done in our area to transfer telecommunication lines from the old pole to newer ones and we happen to be a casualty.
And after ALL that DRAMA (oh, I do confess that most of the drama's on my side because I just had to vent my frustrations somehow :P)!!!

To TM Management, I do believe there have been other complainants before me with regards to TM's 'excellent' services so do sit up and take note! Please!

Even if you're currently monopolizing the landline market, anything could cause another company to rival and succeed you if you keep on going the way you are!

My 2 sens worth!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Struck out again...

Di antara kita mengapa ada dia?
Biarpun hanya kawan biasa?
Tapi kurasa berlainan caranya
Hingga mencakar perasaanku

Terpaksa ku
Terpaksa kumembuat pilihan
Mengundurkan diri untuk kebahagiaanmu...

Kerna Terpaksa-Francesca Peters

Mengapa sementara cerahnya cinta kita?
Mendung tiba tiada kupinta
Gelapnya suasana...

Walaupun hatiku amat berat melepasmu
Dan rintangan mendatang, sayang, terpaksa kuleraikan...

Seandainya kita harungi jua
Kelak punah semua, sayang, mimpi yang kau harapkan...

Kupendam Sebuah Duka- Khadijah Ibrahim

But after all is said and done-
What I did for love...

Monday, September 06, 2010


Suatu pertemuan singkat.

A: "Dapat SMS tawaran kerja tempoh hari?"
B: "Tiada yang sesuai dengan kelayakanlah."

Berjabat erat sebelum berpisah. Keras tubuhnya terasa. Termenggeletak seketika (wujud ke perkataan ni?).


Hanya aku sahaja yang mengerti :'(

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Ada perkara yang ingin beliau sampaikan.

Saat kaki memijak anak tangga pertama mimbar, kedengaranlah pada beliau,

"Celakalah ummatmu yang memulakan Ramadhan dalam keadaan berdosa dan mengakhirinya tetap dalam keadaan yang sama!"

Pantas beliau doakan, "Amiin."

Aku tika ini. Tilik-tilik. Renung-renung.

"Aduh, celakanya aku..." :'(

Friday, July 30, 2010

Diari Mimpi...

Floria Putrajaya 2010.

Sila layan gambar merepek...

Detik berlalu

Langkahku kian terhenti

Saat terasing ini


Rindu pun semakin menyepi

Lalu terdamparlah aku

Ke mana hilang bayangan kasihmu

Penantian yang bergelora

Kuhitung hari-hari bersamamu

Masih banyak yang ketinggalan

Senyum tawamu menjadi diari mimpiku

Sejak pemergianmu

Ke mana hilang bayangan kasihmu

Penantian yang bergelora

Kuhitung hari-hari bersamamu

Masih banyak yang ketinggalan

Detik berlalu
Namun ku masih di sini

Jarak waktu yang sepi...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Day 2010

Swiss Garden Damai Laut- need I say more?

The organizing committee members this time around were very well connected and I'd be pleasantly surprised if any future Family Day events top this.

This is a late entry. The actual event took place early July.

A view of one of the luxuriously appointed rooms. My one regret was the thin walls.

It took very little effort to hear what my neighbour's kids were babbling about and which channel their television was on.

Travel mates. Mr Driver was by my side when this photo was taken.

Journeying with them was very sempoi and refreshing.

My favourite photo of the whole bunch and it's of one of my favourite persons. With him, what I see is what I get.

At this time, we were being put into groups for a Scavenger Hunt.

Afterwards, the combination of football, sand and testosterone together with a very healthy dose of World Cup fever proved too much for most of the guys to resist.

Later in the evening, time to wine and dine. The 'wine' is a figure of speech but dine we did...

...and in style! They managed to book the Gayam for the dinner event.

Wonderful ambiance though a little too dim for my liking :P makes it very challenging to take photos.

Check out that spread! It was food galore but I can only hold a couple of liters at one go.

It was very saddening to see the amount of food still left uneaten.

The breakfast buffet spread was just as extravagant though I've had better.

Mr Driver and the girls actually made an effort to turn around and stop at this spot for me. There was all this beautiful reddish brown bunga lalang swaying in the breeze that I just had to get a few shots.

But where the heck is my subject!!? My photo really didn't do any justice to the wonderful scene :(

Note to self: Need more practice!!!

A stop at Lumut Jetty. I had a real early breakfast and was hungry by the time we reached there.

I had a so so laksa asam and a most delicious kelapa jelly.

Mr Driver had this lovely cendol pulut that I really regretted not tasting after seeing this photo.

Before leaving, we made use of this neat surau at a nearby school.

Reflected in the glass is Mr Driver ;)

Mr Driver recommended this halal kopitiam in Tanjung Malim. Oh man! The Hokkien mee looked soOOoo good!

We unfortunately had to give it a miss due to unavailability of space and the very, VERY long queue.

We eventually settled for Kajang satay and after that- home sweet home...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A week full of dreams...

Got acquainted with 'nemo'.

Expensive fish, waaaaayyy beyond my means...

Somehow, it calms me just to look and to hold. Our two encounters were like a beautiful dream to me... but it could be just another day in the sea for it- I don't really know.

I'm going to wade in again later this morning. Hope we'll be well met since it will be time to leave soon...

I know it's just a dream, but surely I can't be accountable for wanting it to last?

Kangen banget...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tamtam update :P

Tamtam ku kini di rumah anak yatim!

Gambor hiasan sajork...

Huhu... Namun ini bukan cerita sedih- bahkan!

Terdapat sebuah rumah anak-anak yatim berhampiran rumah sepupuku. Di situlah Tamtam bermaharajalela sekarang.

Dilayan penuh manja dan kasih sayang hampir setiap masa.
Tidur di atas katil empuk siap serta dengan manusia buat pemanas badan.
Boleh demand makan sebab banyak pilihan- ikan rebus? ikan goreng? Friskies? hotdog? Semua ada!

Aduhai Tamtam... from abandoned orphan into the lap of luxury :P
Adik-beradik dia sekarang semua dok pakat kerabat tong sampah cari sesuap ikan tiap hari :'(

Memang murah betul lar rezki adik aku yang sorang ni...

P.S. Tiada gambor terkini Tamtam jadi aku letak gambor anak member keja aku, Syukri, yang bagi aku teramat-amat lar comelnya terima kasih!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I wish...

Gambor hiasan sajork!

Can we pretend that airplanes
in the night sky
are like shooting stars

I could really use a wish right now
wish right now
wish right now

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Menuju ke utara...

Petaling Jaya - Bidor - Kuala Perlis - Langkawi - Penang - Petaling Jaya

Sila layan gambar merepek...

Sepanjang perjalanan

Meniti kehidupan

Kucari mimpi-mimpi

Tak pernah kutemui

Umpama pengembara

Kuhadapi segalanya

Walau sering terkecewa

Sekali kumelangkah

Aku kan terus melangkah

Biarpun kusedari

Kumeniti pelangi

Kerana keindahan

Warnanya mempesona

Kelabu pandangan mata

Lingkungan warna-warna indah

Biar seketika

Pelangi di langit yang muram


Sejenak kubiarkan diri

Melayani hati

Mencari mimpi-mimpi indah



Kerana mimpi
hanya mimpi...