Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Day 2010

Swiss Garden Damai Laut- need I say more?

The organizing committee members this time around were very well connected and I'd be pleasantly surprised if any future Family Day events top this.

This is a late entry. The actual event took place early July.

A view of one of the luxuriously appointed rooms. My one regret was the thin walls.

It took very little effort to hear what my neighbour's kids were babbling about and which channel their television was on.

Travel mates. Mr Driver was by my side when this photo was taken.

Journeying with them was very sempoi and refreshing.

My favourite photo of the whole bunch and it's of one of my favourite persons. With him, what I see is what I get.

At this time, we were being put into groups for a Scavenger Hunt.

Afterwards, the combination of football, sand and testosterone together with a very healthy dose of World Cup fever proved too much for most of the guys to resist.

Later in the evening, time to wine and dine. The 'wine' is a figure of speech but dine we did...

...and in style! They managed to book the Gayam for the dinner event.

Wonderful ambiance though a little too dim for my liking :P makes it very challenging to take photos.

Check out that spread! It was food galore but I can only hold a couple of liters at one go.

It was very saddening to see the amount of food still left uneaten.

The breakfast buffet spread was just as extravagant though I've had better.

Mr Driver and the girls actually made an effort to turn around and stop at this spot for me. There was all this beautiful reddish brown bunga lalang swaying in the breeze that I just had to get a few shots.

But where the heck is my subject!!? My photo really didn't do any justice to the wonderful scene :(

Note to self: Need more practice!!!

A stop at Lumut Jetty. I had a real early breakfast and was hungry by the time we reached there.

I had a so so laksa asam and a most delicious kelapa jelly.

Mr Driver had this lovely cendol pulut that I really regretted not tasting after seeing this photo.

Before leaving, we made use of this neat surau at a nearby school.

Reflected in the glass is Mr Driver ;)

Mr Driver recommended this halal kopitiam in Tanjung Malim. Oh man! The Hokkien mee looked soOOoo good!

We unfortunately had to give it a miss due to unavailability of space and the very, VERY long queue.

We eventually settled for Kajang satay and after that- home sweet home...


Snuze said...

There is this stall at the Lumut jetty that sells the most fantastic deep fried batter squid ever. The squid is soft and tender (not chewy at all!) and the batter so crisp and crunchy.

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