Sunday, October 28, 2007

Langkawi alone… again!

The experience does not sound as bad as the title seem to be.

I hitched Cik Easy and company for a ride to Kedah. While there, Cik Easy and gang (who are supposed to be working) brought me along to try out the good food places such as Kuala Kechai (for laksa Kedah), Kopitiam (for breakfast) and Damiral’s (for way inexpensive Western cuisine).

As for Langkawi itself, it rained a lot but that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. In truth, this would be much better as a photoblog entry so what I’ll do is stop right here and resume this entry more properly once my home has been reconnected to the worldwide web!

But please, don’t hold your breath. I would NOT be held responsible for anything that may happen if you do. Just be calm in the knowledge that it will come ;)

p.s. While traveling, no matter how pressed for time you are, do make sure to check that you have all your belongings when you exit the restroom. I lost my hand phone in Arau when I forgot to collect my pouch.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Raya Blues...

Have I told you how much I hated Raya?

Hmm… maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a word for it. It’s more like I don’t enjoy celebrating Raya a whole lot ever since I’ve learned what ‘celebrating it’ entails.

All that preparing and cooking and baking and rearranging and decorating and cleaning up the mess after the celebrating for ME is much ado about nothing. You see, all the fun and merriment that comes with preparing for Raya only works for big families. There’s only me, Ma and Pa at home therefore all the preparation feels like what it actually is- a chore (and I, of course, am one lazy sumbitch ;) but let’s not get into that)!

Personally I feel that celebrating Raya should be more of a private and spiritual thing. Yes, guests are welcomed but please don’t expect too much. It IS a virtue to honour one’s guests but the lavishness of one cannot and should not be followed by others. Entertain within your means, physically as well as financially.

Now, I hate writing this sort of article (here’s a place where that word does fit!) because it makes me sound 'holier than thou' when I am in fact simply justifying what I don’t want to be doing :P

I’d like to rant on and on about this but Ma’s already calling me downstairs to do the cookie jars and table settings. So I’ll see you after Raya! Ciao!