Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big Screen Breakdown: Man of Steel

It was Friday night and I was expecting to go away disappointed, but seat A03 of Cinema 8 seemed to have been expecting me...

No credits for the photo this time, I snapped that off an actual poster- absolutely LOVE the expression and pose on this one!

First off, just watch the 2D movie. Unless you're really desperate (like me on that Friday night :p), spending an extra RM5 is a waste- there's not enough going on to give you that 3D experience.

And secondly, for those of you who are simply into slam bang action and over the top effects, please reconsider watching this. You may find yourselves getting bored out of your mind.

What I really love about this remake is the story behind the story, a sense of history to the whole alien baby trying to fit in affair.

There is emotional depth and drama to this movie. The use of big names, most notably Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, as supporting actors was maximised to the fullest.

I seriously did not expect to get all misty eyed at a Superman movie but the first scene of the movie itself somehow already got to me, as did the broom closet scene, as did the tornado scene etc...

And Superman went about his feats of strength with effort, which allowed us to empathise in his struggles. The wobbly steps and unsureness of a man used to peaceful means yet having to resort to violence in order to protect what has become precious to him.

Wow! Writing this made me realise just how much this movie had emotionally affected me!

This is a very biased review, people! Go find one that's more objective for the sake of your viewing pleasure! Haha! You've been warned!

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