Friday, June 07, 2013

Big Screen Breakdown: KIL

In my opinion, definitely one of the better Malay(sian) movies on offer this year.

Image by courtesy of KIL | Facebook

Plot/ Storyline
As an avid reader, I was able to sort of hazard where the story was headed. Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The pacing may be a tad slow for some (possibly deliberate?) but I found it complements the story very well and gives the audience time to take the whole atmosphere in.

Image by courtesy of KIL | Facebook

Characterisation/ Acting
Superb. Very accomplished acting.
It feels natural, like these people are in the midst of an actual conversation and someone with a camcorder happened to be on the scene to capture events as they occur.

I have always loved Redza Minhat's acting so I may be somewhat biased here, but surely most of the audience could see how well the actors complement and contrast each other, even down to the minor character of Pak Samad who lazes his day away at the L.A.B. Office.

Image by courtesy of BeautifulNara

Cinematography/ Setting
Lovely. Just lovely. Look at the screen captures above and below. I wish I had been the one to frame these shots.

As it unfolds, every scene sets the right mood for each part of the story.

Image by courtesy of BeautifulNara

Audio/ Music
The conversational tone and volume is downright intimate, as if we were sitting there eavesdropping most unabashedly.

The song selection is of the independent music variety. Very honest, soulful and easy on the ears.

Personal Review
I couldn't believe how acutely painful it was for me to watch this movie. Akil honestly represented what 16-17 year old me was like.

I still have my parents of course but they had their own issues to deal with back then, which left me virtually 'on my own'. I completely empathised with Akil and understood his need to get rid of the pain by any means possible.

AlhamduliLlah there has always been a Zara to keep me in line. Some Zaras are still around, supporting and accompanying me through life.

Thank you for the kindness you have all shown me, which has kept me living to this day until the fated end of my life insyaAllah...


Anasyg said...

Uuh...hari tu epic, skang Kil plak. Bila anas mau pg tgok wayang ni.aisyh. hehe

FaizalSulaiman said...


it is tremendously a very good movie!

worth watch

Snuze said...

Music by Pesawat!!!!