Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Unexpected Purchase...

...or 'How I Got My New Shoes' :p

When I first got acquainted with one office mate a year and a half ago, one thing I recalled was that he was looking for this certain brand of shoes, which I knew to be expensive.

It remained just a wish then since the nearest store at the time was in Singapore!

About one and a half months ago, he cajoled me into accompanying him out to lunch at a nearby mall. When he immediately headed for the posher side of the mall, I realized he was up to something.

And sure enough, the shoes he was looking for is now available at its first Malaysian outlet in this very mall.

To cut a story short, my fickle office mate failed to find a pair that he was satisfied with.

While my attention was caught by a pair-

With a simple design that is to my taste;

Also considering the fact that my current two pairs of office shoes are slowly but surely disintegrating;

In addition, they cost less than RM300 (because they were manufactured in China as compared to being manufactured in England like most of the other shoes there);

So I snapped up the shoes and have been grateful for it ever since. They really are great shoes!

"Ah! Aku yang cari, ko pulak yang beli!", sighed the office mate.

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