Thursday, May 02, 2013

Nyeahhh... Whatsapp, doc?

I've just discovered that Whatsapp can only display up to a limited amount of old messages before it crashes!  :o

For *ahem cough cough... a sentimental old fool like me, that's a disaster! :'(

I'm the type who keeps all the text messages I've received.
I only discard those I consider irrelevant, or useless, or hurtful, or too sensitive too keep.

A friend got me to download Whatsapp after we got into a discussion about how expensive texting can be, especially since most of my circle are using a different telco (because M**** is truly such an expensive b**** to keep :p) and very few of them have iPhones.

But this, no longer having access to all the older text messages- those sweet memories, may turn out to be more costly to me than money.

Or it may continue to be a necessary evil in my life, like Facebook (damn, I do wish I have the guts to delete that account!).
I guess, I'll just have to wait and see...

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