Monday, April 23, 2012

Path not taken...

That icy cool feel in my mouth is usually the sign of a successful Working.

Though I've stepped off the path, it is impossible to not know what you already know to be true.
So I still practise the Basics everyday if possible.

Breathing and Cleansing is the staple. Occasionally, Healing.

What I use most often now is Shielding, because I believe prevention is always better than cure.
However, it is most likely at the level of intent only. Possibly sight level, if done well enough (there's no way to verify with my current skills).

Never at a physical level though, because my Faith and Devotion to Allah is not that strong.

At times, I do envy the Teachers, whose knowledge expands daily with use.
But it is a heavy responsibility as well so I'm mostly grateful that I did not choose to fully walk the path and also grateful that the path did not choose me.

*sigh~ the only one able to understand these rantings would be Cik Easy, but he stopped visiting a long time ago :p

Whatever... I just needed to vent.

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