Saturday, April 28, 2012

Runway- a different challenge

There was a fashion showcase going on at 1 Utama last week so I hung around to get a feel of things.

Though I'm not into fashion shoots, photographing models on the catwalk provided a different kind of experience and challenge.

Other than the photos I've seen in papers and magazines, I have no idea what I'm doing. So I concentrated on capturing images where the model and all that stuff they're hawking look good.

But I think my composition really went out the door for this shoot.

The runway.

I got the model's leg cut off in most of the pictures and I think that may be a no-no since we're supposed to capture the whole image that they are representing.

Oh, I loved this moment! The kid model panicked as soon as he hit the runway with all the glaring lights and loud music.
Luckily big brother model handled him well and managed to coax him to come along and pose.


zaid zali said...

well, the last pic was ur best. dengan muka iky yg sangat professional, like!

Ri said...

thanks, zaid :)
i'm working on capturing candid moments as one of my specialities, though this shot was not all that candid.

dan tk sangka lak dia model yg 'ada nama'..

Mjv1 said...

fuyoo.shot model skrg :)

AkifNosya said...

i saw the tinie coming out and the iky with the "what the expression" thereee..haha