Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Never too old to learn...

This old dawg spent his weekend trying to learn new tricks :P

Next station, Raja Chulan- you can see the conference venue just across the road from the monorail station platform.

It's a circus all right! Every early morning, during breaks and at the end of each conference day.
We may call it 'networking' but it's uncannily similar to animals congregating at a watering hole :P

After presentations or panel discussions by experts in their respective fields, questions as well as opinions were actively voiced out.
It was a surprisingly lively conference. Very refreshing!

Well, look who I found emceeing the conference- Sue!!! Here you find her desperately trying to catch a man's attention.
It's not what you think, that placard she's holdings says '5 minutes!': the speaker has gone past his allocated time.

I've been to this hotel a couple of years ago and was glad to find that their food quality quite well maintained, ranging from 'this is good' to 'Wow!'.

All in all, though some of the principles went right past my uncomprehending mind, it was a great learning experience!
Allah willing, I look forward to the next gathering in 2014 (especially if they choose this hotel as venue again, haha...).


Aside 1

P returned into my life and stepped right back into my heart (who am I kidding? as if P ever left!)
I realize though that I'm still seen as just a 'brother'.
Lord, how the heck do I learn to stop missing a person the second time around?


Aside 2

Tengah layan lagu Korea, Blue by BigBang. Ulang, ulang, ulang, lagi dan lagi...
Tahniah! Lagu Korea kedua yang berjaya menarik perhatian aku sehingga ke peringkat memuat turun dan menyertai playlist selepas Winter Sonata...


Muhamad Zaki Zafir said...
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Muhamad Zaki Zafir said...
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Muhamad Zaki Zafir said...

Happy for you for the 'Aside 1'.Nevermind, u can turn the situation around.If she calls u abang, then let her call your name next time to cast out the abang-adik relationship.this may take some time, but never rush things in love. :)

Snuze said...

Oh God ... you had to take that Vanna White picture ...

Ri said...

thank you very much for the wonderful advice. it's a tad more complicated than that but i really, really appreciate it!

hey, don't knock it! you do look good- all curves in a chili red dress ;)

sYukCurz said...

relationship abg-adek chumil ape, buley petting2 hahha..

Ri said...

ada-ada je syukur ni :)
glad to see that things are currently going fine for you. sedih la klu korang emo sgt..