Sunday, April 18, 2010

We don't say goodbye...

...we say good journey!


Ma, Pa and I sincerely wish you a really good journey as well as a happy, free and long life there in Sungai Pinang.

I know that the girls are not much into cats but I trust that their mom, dear cousin Wati, will be able to truly care for you.

You've been with us since you were just a scrawny patch of black fur with tightly closed eyes so you can imagine how very hard it was for us to leave you behind.

Unlike the 'other kid', you fill us with much love and joy. Ma even dreamt of you for a few days after sending you off. We miss you THAT much! ~sigh*

One fine day, we hope to drop by and see how you're doing ;)
Until then, be a good boy!


Bro Ri

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Rsnie_za said...

sob sob... so touching....