Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am recently reminded of this movie scene, where a guy unexpectedly meets his ex-wife and found that she had remarried.

"He must be some kind of guy," he said to her; meaning to say that the guy she married must be someone really great.

"No," she countered off-handedly, "he's just my kind of guy," which explains that her new husband is just like any other guy but to her he's truly special.

Relationships are very much based on compatibility.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain a conversation, or if the other party has totally no idea what to talk with you about, then the two of you are probably incompatible.

I turned out to not be that person's kind of guy.

I lose again... :'(


i'm shin... i'm inesen said...

semua manusia ada keistimewaan diri sendiri... dalam hidup kita.. mesti ada salah sorang yg paling istimewa dalam ramai ramai.. but.. life must be go on.. nak cari yg sama atau yg terbaik.. mungkin x semudah tu.. cukuplah sekadar membahagiakan.. menerima diri kita seadaanya.. menyayangi kita sepenuh jiwa..

Snuze said...

You know, when people talk about relationships, it's always about amorphous romantic love and feelings etc etc etc.

But not many people understand the importance of conversation. If you're gonna be facing that same mug for the rest of your life, you want someone you can and ENJOY talking to. Cos asses (and other body parts) will sag, skin will wrinkle, stuff won't go up, at least you can still talk with each other.

The hunt for the ideal partner is still on!