Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Screen Breakdown: Super 8

It arrived...
(at a slightly later date, in Malaysia, than the one stated on the poster :P)

What's all the fuss about?
Who said this movie's about aliens?
It's all about life in a small town in America towards the end of the 1970s through the eyes of children. It's about friendship. It's about relationship.
The poor alien's just window dressing.

Bunny caught in a headlight moment
The shot by the railroad, Alice reciting her lines to Martin during rehearsal prior to the actual shot.
I was awestruck- just like the kids who were watching her in the movie.

Pass me the Kleenex moment
Alice and Joe having a heart to heart talk as they watch a home recorded reel of Joe and his late mom.

Pay attention to
...the acting. Totally superb! The kids are the main characters and they carry themselves really well so effortlessly.
Watch Joe act as if he's a stiff actor during filming for the military informant scene!

This reminds me of
..."Stand By Me"- a movie adaptation of Stephen King's short story. It was set around the same era and had a similar coming of age theme. Love both these movies!

Most memorable scene
When Joe confronts the alien. Joe tells it that bad things happen, but you can still go on living...

So that's what I chose to do.
Thanks, Joe...


naz said...

Keep on living, u will encounter a lot of ups and downs, but there will things that will make your life worth while.

Snuze said...

Stand by Me. Sigh. I love me the projectile vomiting scene.

Rsnie_za said...

suka part last skali yang preview cerita yg depa shooting tu.....terasa mcm steven spielberg berangan masa budak2 nak jd director jer........(best nye alam kanak2 yg digmbrkn itu)

Ri said...

naz- thanks :) appreciate the comment!

sue- haha! though it's gross, but it's so cool!

niza- wah! mencemar duli akhirnya! tima kasih sudi singgah ;) yup! that ending memang best!