Thursday, November 29, 2012


Upon being invited to attend a dinner event last Sunday, we took it as an opportunity to eat practice capturing night scenes.

Wanting to be safe, the camera and flash was set in aperture priority mode.

The shutter was wide open at 2.8 while ISO was limited to 800 in order to reduce graininess.

Taking photos, even semi-manually, after a long break felt rather awkward. I kept forgetting the simple rules to ensure a competent shot at the very least.

In addition to that, I rarely take photos using a flash as I find it difficult to attain that balance of exposure. I was kind of struggling with it.

I took an extreme dislike to the 'disco' light set arranged around the stage. It's rather unpredictable. For one, it becomes 'the main feature' in almost every stage photo I shot.

A scene that was perfectly lighted one moment can suddenly turn dark. The shutter speed slowed even further to compensate. This makes for really blurry pictures :(

Sometimes the lights causes really weird colour casts. It could make for a flattering photo like this one below but at other times, it spoils the scene.

Anyway, my total yield for the night was 25%- only 25% of all the photos I took and kept were acceptably decent shots! :'( This is half my usual yield, which was 50%...

But that was why I chose to challenge myself like this. Hope to learn from it, improve myself further and achieve that target of at least 75% yield per any type of session :)

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