Monday, January 28, 2013


My graduation present, back in the year 2000, was a mobile phone.

Words cannot express the joy of finally having a means of communicating with beloved friends and family, to all practical purposes, anytime anywhere.

12 long years has passed and, though I have dwelled on it before, I am seriously reconsidering the value of having the mobile phone.

One cannot deny how convenient it is though. My dear old mother herself would not willingly give up her mobile phone now even as she struggles to grasp the workings of new technology.

But despite the convenience, despite the fact that we are reachable, my mobile phone may remain silent for more than 48 hours at a stretch.
I believe the record for me is around 2 weeks.

And, sadly, it is not for lack of keeping in touch on my part.
It is doubly sad for me when I contact people I care about and they hardly ever return the text or call.

It seems that in this age of mass communication, communication itself is being taken for granted.

Or maybe it's just me.
Because I know for a fact that they do keep in touch with others.

Perhaps I will never be the kind of person to whom those I care about would reach out to just for the heck of it.
Perhaps they do not share the same level of camaraderie that I feel towards them.

However, the mobile phone has insidiously become a sort of necessary evil in this life.
Which is why my mobile phone is here to stay

no matter how sad it makes me feel...

So I set fire to the rain and I threw us into the flames
where I felt something died because I knew it was the last time.

Let it burn...


faiq said...

i use my hp juz for alarm to wake me up in the morning..hahaha

Snuze said...

Dude, my phone ring and my heart palpates that it was my boss wanting things.

Gimme a good time period to call you. I tend to ring you close to midnight or when you are out and about.

And you can ring me too, LOL.

Ri said...

haha! that's because there's hardly any reception at your place. hot guy like you, i'm sure a lot of friends are dying to keep in touch! :)

thanks for the offer! :)