Monday, July 08, 2013

Passing time

Just an update of some events in the past few days...

Thursday, 4th July
Surau Al-Ikhlas: Kids fooling around after doa selamat session while awaiting 'Isya.

I was unexpectedly given something which I have been too apprehensive to ask for and it was given willingly, alhamduliLlah.

I believe this is the third time such a matter has occurred to me within the past month. There is a price to pay, of course, and such a heavy price! But just as willingly as the other party offered, I was just as willing to accept.

Friday, 5th July
Paradigm Mall

Lone Ranger- Entertaining but slow paced. Somewhat disappointed with it, the same way I was disappointed with Dark Shadows. Ho hum... Another 'Deppesque' movie. And it ran for 3 hours!!!

Saturday, 6th July
Serdang Jaya: Baby shoe left behind on a plastic chair.

Reunited with an old acquaintance at his second wedding, almost exactly a year after the passing of his wife. He a widower with kids and she, likewise. Quite an extended family he's cultivating! All the best Epul and Nanie!

Took the opportunity to drop in on S and family. His mother pointed out how much I've filled out and it really doesn't help that S still looks very much the way he did 19 years ago.

Bangsar: Two servings of affogato.

This was excellent! My utmost appreciation to Cik Easy for introducing me to this beverage. I've got to watch my intake though, the caffeine really did a number on me!

Bangsar: Three servings of caramel slices.

Tastes good. However, the portion left much to be desired and the base was hard after having been in the cooler. We practically had to use our teeth since we weren't able to slice it with the fork.

Jalan Yap Kwan Seng: Australian grass fed rib eye with accompaniments.

Kampung Baru: Lychees on display at a roadside fruit stall.

To quote Cik Easy, "Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa is way overated!".
After the first bite, I recalled having the same thought years ago when I first had a taste. I wondered what possessed me to go for it again.

Maybe I was hoping that it has improved since the queue at the stall seems to be never ending. It's simply too different from Cik Easy's and my tastes, I guess.

Sunday, 7th July
Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Karaoke. I wonder what the other patrons thought of us. Our song choices were rather... eclectic (to put it mildly).

Section 17: Toddler eating candy.

Thanks giving lunch held by a friend. He has been offered a better position in another organisation. May you prosper in your chosen career, Rol!

Paradigm Mall: Another serving of affogato.

Okay, I'm officially hooked on the stuff!

Despicable Me 2- Damn! Could have been much better... This is making me worried. Quite a few sequels coming up this month. Will they make it or break it?

Will I make it or break it?

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