Monday, March 21, 2016

Some Thoughts on Open Sea Swimming

Me, trying to get in a decent selfie right out there among the waves...

...and failing miserably! Haha!

One important thing I've learned about swimming in the open sea is that the journey out is usually smooth sailing, but returning is a much different matter entirely.

The current and the exhaustion really gets to you at the end point.

And the frustration of seeing the beach right there, just a mere kilometer and a half away, and never getting any nearer to it!

Oh, man! That right there is a serious test of your will!

Another important thing I've learned is that I'm just a so so swimmer.
I may have reached my limit and may never be strong enough to overcome the currents in future.

But I'm finding it so addictive!

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Snuze said...

Next step: Iron Man triathlon.