Friday, September 03, 2004

I've been to Nexus!

I used to wonder at the hefty fees incurred if one wishes to holiday at the Nexus Resort Karambunai, but no longer.

One of the courses I attended had brought me to this incredibly beautiful and scenic place.

The friendly service is first class while the accommodations, second to none. The phone operators don’t just say, “How may I help you sir/madam?”. They actually mention your name: Encik So And So, or Ms. This and That.

I could have finished off more than three roles of film if I had a mind to do it. I wish I'd scanned some of the views I’d taken while i was there so I could show them to you.

Of course it wasn’t entirely perfect. There were hitches now and then, but everything is forgiven due to the charm of the place.

The cheapest room (maximum 2 adults and 2 children) is currently priced at RM520.00 a night. But if you ever manage to scrape up some savings for that special holiday, do give this place a try…

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