Wednesday, November 24, 2004

You know what I did last Raya...?

It was a cold drizzly morning. Asalnya aku bercadang nak beraya bersama unggas dan mergastua di zoo yang terletak ‘berhampiran’ (well, a 30 minutes walk away IS considerably near) dengan hotel tempat aku menginap.

But because the zoo only opens at 9.30am, I decided to not waste any precious time and go ‘beraya’ with the plants at the Botanical Garden (which opens at 9.00am). Tak banyak dapat berjalan-jalan pun. Meeting habis pukul 3.30 petang tapi diorang sini tutup paling lewat pukul 6.00 petang! Akhirnya aku langsung tak berpeluang menjenguk Adelaide Zoo.

Since pictures speaks louder than words, here are pics of some of the sights in Adelaide taken using my trusty old Olympus Mu Zoom on a very cheap tripod I purchased in Langkawi (the cheapness confirmed by the fact that one of the leg screw managed to escape from its place on my tripod leg and is now making its home among the grasses of Elder Park).


isman said...

hey ri .. nice pics u have here, post some more will ya?

Irzan said...

Captivating Pictures. Very sharp clearity of the taken pictures, feel like you're in it! But it's missing one thing - your picture. It'll be much much nicer...