Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I really hate the PIN code that they put on a mobile phone!

Over an hour ago, I’d just had the SIM card on the on-call telephone blocked because I can’t remember the frigging PIN code! I’d never felt the need to activate the PIN code on my own handset because I feel secure enough with its safety. I guess my office doesn’t put that much trust in its staff when it comes to taking care of office property. Muahahahaha…! :))

But I’d be in deep shit if an emergency call comes in tonight and I can’t use the damn phone! Bugger…!

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Synchro said...

Ri, perhaps you could flip to the other side of the coin. Consider the pin code as a security measure to disallow usage by an unknown personnel. Can I suggest you to keep the pin code somewhere reachable in the event you have some kind of memory loss and forget the code ;-)