Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yin Yang

Ii Ko to Same.

Two very new acquaintances with two very different personalities.

Ii Ko is like the sun. Its light makes life bright and cheery. Comfortingly warm, giving me strength.

Same is like snow. Its beauty is stark and glaring. The cold is biting, sapping me of energy.

I would definitely gravitate toward the light but I must mind my distance lest Ii Ko and I both get burnt. Will I ever be able to be taisatsuna hito in Ii Ko’s life?

But should I wait in hope for spring? Thrice I have been disappointed by Same. That tulip bud, that frolicking squirrel, the melting ice- has spring really come?

So many questions without definite answers. Therefore, all I can do is go on living. As long as I do that, I just might be able to change something for the better.

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