Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, no! Not another Yasmin Ahmad tribute..??!

Oh, yes... So read it or leave it!

(the wasurenagusa- courtesy of

I am neither family nor friend, but there is an aching emptiness inside me at the thought of her being gone. It may seem weird but the song 'Selamanya' by Anggun would best describe my feelings.

Her view of life has made an indelible mark on mine. I love her stories, look forward to each new one and know that I will always go away satisfied after.

But what made the most impression on me was how devoted she was to her parents, and how humble she was before Allah. To her parents, I am sure, no better child has ever existed. She is my idol in this regard. She left me fervently wishing that I could emulate her example.

Ironically, the story she was currently in the process of completing is entitled 'Wasurenagusa'- Japanese for the 'forget me not' flower.

It was as if she knew what was coming.

Daijyobu Yasmin-san, we definitely will remember you...

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Snuze said...

Seeing how devoted she was to her parents made me feel quite inadequate. :p. It's all on me, of course, and it would do me good to try to emulate her that way.

However excellent she was to her family, no one can deny the indelible mark she left on the Malaysian film making community. Her style of story telling is unique; educating without preaching, always from the perspective from the loving eye.

She will be missed.