Sunday, August 28, 2011

Graduation: Class of '32

University of Ramadhaan
A 29 to 30 days course with the objective of achieving taqwa

One characteristic of a muttaqiin
Avoiding something haruus lest it becomes makruuh

Self analysis
Wallops sambal tempoyak like there's no tomorrow (and will not refuse sambal tumis petai if tomorrow is not a working day)
Still investing in ASB and ASW2020 for economic backup
Hooked on Eastwick, every Saturday, 11pm on 8TV

Definitely not graduating with flying colours this year

Hope there will still be a next year :'(

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Snuze said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! I am in the same boat, darl. :p

Somehow, I don't enjoy Eastwick. I loved the movie so I DL the series but it's too ... Charmed for me. I loved the movie because it was dark and hilarious and awful but this bubblegum imitation just leaves me meh.

I guess I asked for too much.