Sunday, May 27, 2012

Congkak Amalanda Murni

Anyone noticed that my entries are usually a week late? This was last Saturday's outing with Wan.

First on the agenda was any waterfall or riverside spot.
The initial plan was Ulu Yam. Then we finally decided on Sungai Congkak. Please be warned- those of you not fond of surprises and uncertainties, give it a pass if we invite you to come along, okay? :p

It was really long ago since I was here last. In fact, I'm not even sure if that place in memory was 'here' here. We were charged entrance fee. Additional activities like camping will require additional charges.

Once we found a reasonably comfortable area, of course we started snapping away... Wan's got a really good selection of photos on his blog.

The currents were strong in this area but there were many nice sized boulders to provide hand and foot holds. I tried a hand at using slow shutter to show you how fast the flow is.

Getting in was a b****! It may be high noon and sweltering out there but that water's freezing! Photo by courtesy of Wan.

Imagine finding a sweet spot where you can comfortably lodge yourself, lie back, let the cold raging waters massage your body while looking up at the sight above.

There were a number of friendly insects around as well- ants, butterflies and dragonflies.

I was in the water most of the time so did not have much opportunity to shoot. But I did manage to squeeze off a couple of shots from the water once or twice.

We took off around 5.00pm. It rained some and since we didn't have any proper lunch, we stopped by this gerai along Jalan Hulu Langat near Kampung Serai, just before the masjid if you're KL bound.

It could be because we're hungry but I do think that they serve really good food here. Or at least it's to my taste :p
Wan has told me that he's not that discerning about food so that means only my opinion matters here, haha!

I suddenly got bitten by the silver screen bug so we headed out to Amalanda as the least crowded choice of cinema (that's not a typo, it was how Wan pronounced it on first try, haha!).
There was this really beautiful sunset while en route to Putrajaya but I failed to get an adequate shot of it.

We bought some okay seats for Dark Shadows. Since it will only start at 10.00pm, we decided to hang out aaaaand... you guessed it, take photos! :p

Wan attempted some 'freelensing'. It's a method of taking pictures with the lens detached from your camera body. It created some unexpected effects like a non linear focus plane and slightly irregular shaped bokeh. Photo by courtesy of Wan.

Darks Shadows was disappointing for me since it was only good when I expected it to be 'wow!'.
We got sort of hungry again on the way home. While cruising past Sunway along the LDP, Wan suggested Restoran Murni at Mentari Square and I readily agreed.
That 3 layer tea is one of my favourite drinks, by the way ;)

In addition, I had been craving for Murni's carbonara chicken chop for quite a while :p However, I do concur with most commentators that the food served over in Murni SS2 is way better.

Arrived home at 2.00 am. It was end of the day for me, but I heard that Wan had plans to stay up and watch this important football match. Ah... to be young and energetic :p

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