Tuesday, April 16, 2013

G.E. 13

Unlike most people around me, who's right and who's wrong is hardly clear in my mind.

Both sides have done great good and both sides have royally f****d up.

And stop trying to start that argument with me about who's 'wronger'.

My general knowledge is sadly too slim to put two and two together.

Besides, where the h*** did we come up with these 'hard facts' anyway?

How do we tell hearsay from truth?

How do we know those projections are applicable to our nation?

Some of my circle has become so disgusted with current developments that they are choosing to forgo voting.

I fervently believe that this is the wrong move.

What I suggest (as one Muslim to another) is we do the istikhaarah the night before.
While non Muslims could do their own soul searching or special prayers as well.

Then go vote in the morning with a clear choice and conscience.

This nation's future is in our hands.

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