Sunday, September 08, 2013

Yuna with National Symphony Orchestra

I was lucky to be able to buy tickets for the Saturday night show off a friend who had a more important event to attend that evening.

One of the things I was looking forward to when I arrived at Istana Budaya was the Yuna picture exhibition. The first thing I noticed though was this guy hamming it up for the cameras.

He was such a sporting guy and extremely good looking! What a great photo subject!

I could have spent all night taking photos of him entertaining his adoring fans. The atmosphere was simply that wonderful!

Haha! He called me out on this one! I didn't really line up to meet him but was sniping away from the sidelines.

Much later on, I found out who he is and I could have just died of shame :p

As for the show, there were parts where the music somewhat drowned Yuna's vocals, especially during the climax of Penakut (a real spoiler!), but overall, it was fantastic!

I was glad to see that Yuna was just as wonderful and just as humble as when I first saw her perform live at the DBKL. I just wished she could have interacted more with the audience like she did back then.


Rsnie_za said...

siapakah gerangan lelaki itu? celeb ker?

Snuze said...

Yup. Who was that guy? Pretty killer cheekbones.

Ri said...

ladies, check him out here ;)

apparently he's a model/photographer working in collaboration with yuna.