Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mencari Mimpi

Lingkungan warna-warna indah
Biar seketika
Pelangi di langit yang muram
Sejenak membiarkan diri melayani hati
Mencari mimpi-mimpi indah… sia-sia
Seumpama pengembara terpedaya
Kerana mimpi hanya mimpi

Senilagu oleh Manan Ngah
Senikata lagu oleh Habsah Hassan
Dendangan Azlina Aziz (I just loooovvve her vocals!!!)

This is a beautiful song.

However, there is nothing wrong with having a dream. It can be your goal and it can give you the strength to achieve it. There is a danger though in being a dreamer because you might lose your sight on reality.

I almost did. That was back then and partly due to the other ones who were inside me. But that is another story…

Currently, believe it or not, I’m on my way to achieving one of my dreams, so dreams do come true. Therefore, dear readers, if you have a dream that you feel is really worth fighting for, stick to it and never give up. Hear?

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Synchro75 said...

Nothing wrong with dream. We have to dream big. But then convert our dream into achievable target. Nurture it and work on it. Jangan angan2 taik ayam. If we fail to dream, we fail to achieve anything in life.