Friday, January 20, 2006

Work, work, work!

There are too many urgent and important interruptions that must be settled at my new work station.

I find myself once again caught up in a daily work routine until I have no time to plan and improve the conditions of the work station. The Deputy Boss is a tough sell while I am a very poor salesperson. Time and again I fail to sell my ideas of improvement to her.

I think my continuous outpouring of ideas irritated her to a point where she had to sit me down and ask me to think of my priorities. I set out to start by improving the work conditions at the store. To her, it is fine as it is (because the staff has been coping). Instead, she wants me to get away from the store more and look towards building a rapport with the customers.

I am torn. In my opinion, in order to better our services we need to start with ourselves before we can even think of going elsewhere. But she is ‘the boss’.

Dou suru

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