Sunday, June 04, 2006

Langkawi Alone

I gotta admit, going to Langkawi alone turned out to be quite an interesting experience.

Other than the fact that people either looked at me in varying stages of disbelief or pity when they found out that I was on my own, it was exhilarating and liberating.

I didn’t have much of an agenda. Mostly I just wanted to revisit some of my favourite natural sites and try out some dining experience.

Waterfalls. Quite some development to the area at Telaga Tujuh and it spoiled the atmosphere somewhat. All that was left of Temurun was just a trickle. It was sad to see as the place was truly enchanting before. For some reason, I never quite took to Durian Perangin so I have not much to say.

Here’s the scene from my dining table at Coco Beach Restaurant. They serve Chinese food here. Not quite up to standard but the overall experience gets an ‘A’ from me.

Finally got to do some island hopping! From Awana Porto Malai to Dayang Bunting, then on to Lang Tengah for some eagle sightings and finally an hour at Beras Basah. The lake at Dayang Bunting seems slightly polluted to me which is a shame. And no more corals at Beras Basah. They were all wiped out during the tsunami.

Tried out the cuisine at Red Tomato CafĂ© at Pantai Chenang. Finding a parking space is murder here even for my rented Kancil. Another ‘A’ for dining experience.

But nothing beats the atmosphere of dining at Laman Padi. There are many dishes to choose from at quite reasonable prices.

There is more to my trip than what I’ve chosen to show you but despite all the pictures I may put up, the whole thing is in truth indescribable.

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Suze said...

Beautiful pictures, babe. You are a gifted photographer. And don't be self-deprecating and say that it's because you had a great subject in the natural wonders of Langkawi.

Glad you had fun. Haven't gone for a holiday in a coon's age; can't afford it. Next time you go on your rambling, please, please, please take me along! You're a sweetie, right? Right? And I'm pretty sure it'd make your Ma happy (Suze is rolling on the floor hysterically). Can't get over her suspicion that I got designs on your virtue. Trust me, it's safe from my evil clutches ... kinda.

*blew Ri a kiss from lips slicked with killer red lippy*