Monday, August 20, 2007

Cheese Louise...!!!

Gourmet cheeses are an acquired taste and my recent experience made me fervently wish I had not attempted to acquire it!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Paya Serai. So one fine evening I decided to go for their buffet dinner. Throughout the dinner, I realized that I must be getting really old because I was already feeling full after the fourth course whereas before I was almost virtually bottomless! Well, that fact aside, let’s get back to our topic- the gourmet cheeses!

Okay, as I breeze through the wide variety of selections, I often pass by the cheese tray. Usually neglecting this offer for other more exotic temptations, this time I decided to say ‘what the hey…’ and cut myself tiny portions of the cheeses displayed.

There were five different types if I remembered correctly (though it most certainly doesn’t aid one’s recall when one is trying one’s best to FORGET the experience). There were several triangular blocks of differing hues; orange, strong yellow with red crust, pale yellow with white crust, creamy white; and one bell shaped with a crust of what I think is bluish grey mould.

The first one I tried was rather bland, a mere echo of the mass produced individually wrapped square cheese slices available in supermarkets. However, as I proceeded to bite into the next few selections, they all tasted to varying degrees of rotten. The final one was so redolent of ammonia it felt like I was chewing frozen piss, if you’d pardon my expression.

It took all my willpower and large mouthfuls of warm water in between bites to finish off the cheese course. Why not just leave it then, you ask me? Two reasons: firstly, when I voluntarily chose to eat something, I will polish it off regardless of what I think about it and secondly, I paid good money for this meal so I’m sure as hell going to eat it!!!

Thereby, I give my most solemn of vows to stick to your normal average supermarket cheese until a really convincing argument shall persuade me to once again give the gourmet cheeses a second chance!

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