Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's a small world...

Ma never was the sentimental type of person, unlike Pa and me.

But she could recall the most amusing stories of her life and tell it in a very interesting manner. This evening, she was recounting the fact of how small this world really is.

To Ma it was like she was revolving around the same circle of acquaintances. One instance was when she got married to her first hubby, the best man cum wedding planner was; let’s just call him Mr. X. Much later in life when she married Pa, and who happened to turn up but Mr. X, who turned out to be Pa’s close relative.

She’d also run into and got reacquainted to various kampung mates, classmates and the likes who were related to Pa in one way or another. They may be his family and friends or his colleagues’ wife, even his boss’ wife!

In fact Ma got unasked for bits of news regarding her ex-hubby by dint of the guy being Pa’s friend’s neighbor, which amused Pa greatly since he knew Ma’s first marriage ended less than amiably.

For Ma, as she keeps bumping into these characters from the past, it is indeed a very small world after all.

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