Monday, April 07, 2008

Alor Star visited, Langkawi revisited!

Dear constant readers,

As a sign of my appreciation to you, here are the long promised pics of my trip to Alor Star (courtesy of Cik Easy, Mr. Asri and Liza) and Langkawi. Enjoy!

The Alor Star Tower viewed from the 'suite' Cik Easy and gang commandeered from Star Hotel :P

Damiral's- where one can get a taste of Western cuisine in Alor Star- classy, delicious and surprisingly affordable!

Go to Kopitiam for a heavenly breakfast of nasi lemak campur (rice cooked in coconut milk with assorted gravy)!

It was quite late when we got to Zeffee's but we still managed to have a taste of their famous but different style of nasi lemak and popiah Jalil (fresh vegetable spring roll).

The Istana Lama (old castle) was quite creepy despite such beautiful lighting.

Zahir Mosque was like a fairyland. Wonderful architecture and design too!

One of the Burmese staff accompanies his son playing by the beach. This scene was captured from my dining table at Coco Beach Restaurant, Langkawi.

Our Mangrove Tour guide exposing the tourists to the pleasures of rokok daun (traditional leaf roll cigarette). They really enjoyed its mild taste. I'll just bet the guide will be doing some  business once we're back at the jetty :P

Last stop for the Mangrove Tour, Barn Thai Jazzaurant, for a lovely Thai buffet lunch. Sad to say the place is slowly but almost surely falling apart. I wonder why the maintenance is sadly lacking. It's a wonderful place...

One of my dinner outings brought me to Airport Corner Cafe by the airport roundabout.

I sure have money to burn :P Buffet breakfast every morning at the Langkawi Lagoon Hotel, next door to where I was staying.

Staff feeding the penguins at Langkawi Water World. Quite a cutie but didn't manage to capture the face :P... oops!

It was pouring steadily almost every day i was in Langkawi. Here you can see that the water is positively rushing down my favourite Telaga Tujuh Waterfall.

Stopped for lunch at Laman Padi. Pricey, pricey, pricey! But as I said, I had money to burn then :P Cik Easy, you've just got to bring Nita over for a romantic evening dinner! It's absolutely wonderful! You'll positively have a chance to make 'number 3' when you get back to the hotel!

Scene by a roadside stall that sells heavenly laksa assam and truly wonderful rojak buah. It's at a corner on a road that passes right beside the airfield.

Durian Perangin Waterfall has never been one of my favourite spots but during rainy season it was positively lovely! And the kids sure know how to have fun!

My top favourite- Temurun Waterfall! Glad to see the water rushing down like this. Previously, I've only managed to see it during dry season and it the fall was such a pitiful trickle.

Well, that's all I can afford to show you folks!

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