Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Food File: Shah's Tomyam

Me on one of my eating binges at Shah's Tomyam, one of the stalls at a food court beside Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya.

Kuey teow ladna is a must for me when I dine at any tomyam stall. It's acceptable but so far I still haven't found one that can rival the one offered at that long ago roadside stall near the Kampung Jawa Petronas station back in the days when I was young.

Siakap goreng halia- lovely cripsy seabass in a thick ginger sauce.

Spicy, fiery sup ekor (ox-tail soup) because of all that bird's eye chili they put in (at a rate of 2-3 chilis per oxtail piece i suppose... :P). I wish they wouldn't add in so much because it detracts much from the experience of enjoying the soup.

Yes, I finished all that in ONE sitting. No, I did NOT take any white rice or drinks with the meal because then I'd be too full to polish them off.

Overall, a delicious meal but I've tasted better from them before...

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