Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another busy week and it's not even work!!!

My entire department was charged with organising this huge conference at a luxury hotel in Kuala Lumpur at the end of April.

8 months was all we had to prepare and I bet almost all the staff were upset with their supervisors' constant disappearing acts (in the name of the conference...of course :P). But being the efficient, hardworking people that we are, we managed to pull it off. 

Now they want it done every 2 years. What??! Don't we already have more than enough to do at the freaking office?! Go $#@% yourselves!!!

The only thing our conference had in connection with the above restaurant was that it paid for our dinner there the night before all the craziness started.

The banner hanging proudly outside the conference hall lobby which everybody forgot about at the end of the conference. Yours truly had to climb a *&%$@ borrowed ladder to cut it down with a ^%$&*# tiny knife (which was blessedly sharp) so that we could take it home with us!

We sure didn't lack for food throughout and I most certainly gained some weight after the conference but, for a 5 star hotel, the fare could have been much, much better.

The wonderful beehoon soup I had for breakfast (one of many delightful choices available for buffet breakfast) on the very last day of the conference.

Yeah, yeah, thanks for all the congratulations and the many pats on the back but please... NO MORE!!!

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pakalang said...

aaah... conference. What a 'joy' to organise. And an even greater 'joy' to run. :-)