Friday, May 02, 2008

Food File: Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe- pricey but comfy. Most of the dishes do appeal to my taste buds so I am a frequent visitor there.

Have tasted better mushroom soup elsewhere but it's as good a starter as any.

One of my favourites here is the Vietnam beef noodle. Very few classy dining places offer a noodle in broth dish.

In my humble opinion, their tomyam noodle offers the absolute best tomyam broth among all the places I have been to. But I pay for it lah the next day... spicy as hell man!!!

A dessert to finish off the meal... or should I say a slice of cake for starters. I usually eat the cake first because it's already there.

Shown above is not my usual selection though, I usually go for their Chocolate Indulgence. And that bun is not too shabby either- lovely and fluffy just the way I love it :P

By the way, the above pictures were NOT taken at one seating. I have my 'garbage bin' days but these were not some of them, hehehe...

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