Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lakeside therapy...

I figured that it was about time I destressed so I took up a friends offer to go on holiday. Kenyir Lake- there I went!

We arrived really, really early in the morning. It was too dark to walk about and all the prime sleeping spots have been taken despite this being an off season! However, the view after Subuh allowed me to capture the cool image above.

A visit to a nearby fishery gave us a wondrous view of this school of tilapia swimming in their sangkar or fish cage.

By the waterfall- I think this sandy area could be a salt lick of sorts for insects. There were butterflies, bees and Lord knows what else swarming this particular spot.

As we were leaving the waterfall, I suddenly realized how refreshingly green and cool the lake looked from this angle. Do you see what I mean?

A hauntingly beautiful view of the great trees that were flooded when this lake was created. So few are left and most have gone the way of lumber to line some privileged sod's pocket :P The boatman let us in on this interesting fact:

Long ago when the flooded trees were many, numerous pictures of these interesting sights were taken to be put up on brochures and such. Only then were the trees cut down for lumber using submersible robots.

Pity... but people do have to make a living I guess.

Aahh... sunset by the floating deck swimming pool provided by the resort. It was lovely being able to actually swim in the lake surrounded by safety netting. You see, one of the favourite stories locals love to regale visitors with is the sighting of a toman the size of an oil barrel. Not very assuring for those who'd like to take a dip in the lake.

Our resort's small jetty in the foreground. Visitors walk up the hilly path to get to the reception area which cannot be seen from this angle. In the background to the right is the canoe storage area and the floating deck swimming pool.

A last view of sunset from the mainland before we set off for home. The trip to Kenyir was fun but the trip back was horrible.

Our bus had to make many detours to pick up passengers from another bus company who got their frigging license suspended due to a major accident!

Unbelievable! And our driver was driving at speeds that were accidents in the making to make up for time! But THAT is another story :P

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