Sunday, May 25, 2008

Food File: Caffe 1920

Here's another place where I'm a regular- Caffe 1920, offering Italian style cuisine.

Aahh... this is one of the places to go for a flavourful cup of mushroom soup! But sometimes it could get a tad bitter due to some of the mushrooms used as ingredient.

I think that this cafe offers the best pasta dishes. Spaghetti in beef bolognaise sauce has ever been my favourite dish wherever I can find it. It's here that I learnt to add some chili flakes to the dish to give it that extra zing!

If one does not mind the cream, do try their carbonara sauce. Here I requested that it be served with spaghetti (again! Hehe... have you guessed yet that spaghetti is the pasta I like most?).

Here's where being a regular has its advantages. Free dessert out of the blue- some sort of coffee cake. Thanks Caffe 1920! Ada rezeki bagi lar lagi ek? Hehe...

There's all sorts of pasta dish available here so, unlike me, do be adventurous and try them out :)

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Jason said...

kuat makan rupanya si Izam Ezri nih :-D