Monday, July 07, 2008

Big Screen Breakdown: 27 Dresses

Let's take a snip at 27 Dresses...
Why the heck did I even consider watching it?
I could use a laugh and it was the only comedy playing at the time that I could stomach :P

What reeled me in?
Those blue eyes! That quirky smile! James Marsden, of course... :P

What kind of story is it?
An almost predictable one.

One could guess that the sister, who's hardly ever at home before, is back because she got fired. And it's a no brainer that the editor of a newspaper will run a story he/she considers sellable rather than wait for the writer to tone it down to a level more considerate to the subject of the story.

But it's a perfect movie for relaxing. Just go with the flow...

Which part stuck in my mind?
After Jane (Katherine Heigl) put up a slide show to discredit her sister at her sister's wedding reception rehearsal. Jane's best friend Casey (Judy Greer) berated her by asking if the 'right thing' that she did made her feel good.

Valid point. At times, the right thing may not be the best thing to do.

Number of times glanced at watch?
Twice, i think. It got a bit tedious at times...

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