Sunday, July 27, 2008

LAMAN 2008

After all these years, I finally got to see LAMAN.

I was somewhat disappointed. I honestly felt that it could be much better.

I know it's funny for a first time visitor to claim something like that but there was a definite lack, which I simply cannot place...

Whatever, let's look at some pictures...

Ikebana arrangement at the indoor display cabin and they were guarded! You have no idea how much sneaking around I had to do to get this close (thank God for zoom lenses!).

A carpet of flowers at the Visit Korea display.

Just LooOOVVE this simple plastic cup arrangement!

Families turn out in full force to experience all a booth had to offer. Here, kids eagerly play with marbles and a congkak board while mother looks on.

This family's really cute. I noticed the mother and father taking turns to take pictures at every display they visit- here's a photo of Ibu and Kakak at the Sarawak longhouse :P

A landscape heavy with wooden elements, one of the more fascinating displays. The wood is presented in many forms- curving platforms, stepping 'stones', boardwalks...

Passing by one area, something caught my attention, 'What the hell is that musical sounding racket?!".
Here's the source! A hydraulic powered angklung-wooden xylophone contraption. There was a mic amplifying the sound through several strategically placed speakers which made it very noisy. If they'd just let it be and slowed the rhythm, it would have been quite soothing.

Tak puas sebenarnye... but it was getting late and I was on my own so I decided to vamoose. Hopefully things are better next year :P

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