Friday, July 04, 2008

Big Screen Breakdown: Intro/Jumper

I LOVE movies!

Nothing too technical in that. I just love a good story. Failing that, I can always enjoy the cinematography or the action or the special effects etc... etc...

It's all about the experience (especially if you happen to be sitting in Gold Class while a really great movie is playing, but that is another story... ahem)!

These 'Big Screen Breakdown' columns are simply summaries of my take on the movies I've had the opportunity to watch since the beginning of 2008. They are only my opinion though so you readers are entitled to your own. Enjoy!

Let us take a peek at Jumper...


What drew me?
The mind blowing trailer! Teleportation has always caught my fancy since there is a sort of evidence in the Holy Qur-aan that it is possible (re: Queen Balqis' throne).

Oh yeah, Hayden Christensen helped too!

What was surprising?
Hey, Hayden Christensen CAN act!

What was disappointing?
The story itself was a bit flat. Maybe if it weaved in more of the 'mother in dilemma between protecting her son and throttling his throat herself' element into the plot, the whole thing could be more intense. Bah! They've got Diane Lane (duh! great actress in the house!) playing the mother and they wasted it!

Number of times glanced at watch?
None. The continuous action, seamless special effects and beautiful cinematography was enough to keep my eyes glued on screen.

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